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Report, edit, etc...Posted by DevliN on 2005-01-30 at 23:06:48
1.] No spamming. This means that you cannot post with one word answers or smilies. Also, stay on topic and try not to talk about some other matter in the middle of some other discussion. Should be self-explanatory.
2.] No flaming. If someone is annoying you, there is no need to rip them to pieces. Tell a moderator of the forum or an administrator of SEN, and let them handle it for you if the problem continues.
3.] No imitating an Oo member. If you sign up at SEN under and Oo name or come into our forum claiming to be an official Oo member (and you aren't), you will be banned from the forum as soon as the moderators notice you.
4.] No advertising. Unless you're an Oo member showing off your work, we do not allow people to advertise in these Oo forums. Recruiting for other clans and coaxing people to buy/view their things beyond common conversation are punishable.
5.] No disrespecting other forum/clan members. No blatant cruelty or dissing people - or even putting down Clan Oo in a condescending and careless way. This also includes disrespecting upper ranks for clan members.
6.] Absolutely NO making posts saying you're bored, things are dull, why is it inactive, or anything of the sort. This is the most consistent and active clan on B.Net, and if you're bored, it's not because of us, it's because of you.
7.] Please don't make posts saying that you're leaving the clan or going inactive. PM a leader or talk to those who it concerns. There is no need to start a topic about leaving. Members come and go very often in any organization.
More may come later as time goes on.
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