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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Yoshi da Sniper on 2005-07-07 at 21:44:42
If you have a reasonably large project, you may submit it as a news post! We will do a check to see how worthwhile your map is to have on our front page, but keep these in mind:

- You must have a high number of people interested in your map.
- Your map must be of high quality. I'm not saying Bolt Head or Tuxedo Templar quality, but it should be extremely fun and regarded as having more quality then 70% of the maps out there.
- Your map should be hosted already. The most obvious choice, is here in our downloads database.

Put the following in your news post:
- Links to places to download it. Feel free to include mirrors.
- Description of your production, make people interested.
- What it is about.
- Optionally, some short FYI stuff, like how long it took you to make it, or how long the game will take to complete.
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