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Report, edit, etc...Posted by IsolatedPurity on 2005-11-30 at 03:41:04
Some new developments, some old (but probably new to some). Some are still being worked in.

"Cumulative" posts will cease to exist. There will just be posts... regardless of length, forum, etc. Posts are posts. Posts can not long be taken away by anyone, even if your post is deleted (there'll just be other consquences). Since account upgrades aren't based on posts, spamming does you nothing good.
All forums will give minerals, however, different types of forums will have multipliers from 0.5 to 3.0.
Minerals gained per post will be randomized based on several variables.

This all makes spamming in the more serious forums a bit more 'dangerous'. Your posts will get multiplied by a higher number for mineral gain, however, after action is taken against your post, the mineral loss will be even higher as it'll get multplied again.

Some bbcodes have changed, if you haven't noticed. The trigger code replaces [p] [c] [a] code with a simple [*] for item. As long as [*]'s are under [players] [conditions] [actions] groups, it will be parsed as such.
[.center] [.justify] [.right] are now under [align=*][/align]

Signatures will have a new maximum of 400 pixels wide, 150 pixels high. This may change depending on any changes I make in the future, but right now, it pretty much seems like it. No matter what though, signatures will not be 600 x 200 simply because they are too big for 800x600 resolution users.

Attachments that you attach but never finish off will still hover around in the air for about an hour (probably 3 hours now that I think about it), combining themselves with your next post.
This is because 1. I can't think of any other way to do it... and 2. Attachments simply don't disappear if you attach something and then leave your post (either voluntary or involuntary).
However, this is indirectly better. In the case something crashes, your attachments will still be there.
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