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Report, edit, etc...Posted by BeeR_KeG on 2005-11-30 at 18:26:37
I've noticed that a new group of testers filled with questions has arrived to SeNv5. I'll be making this post to put the most important pieces of information about SeNv5.

Any Admin or Global Mod can add information to this.

All SeNv5 Beta posts, stats, accounts and pretty much everything that you see there is for testing purposes. Nothing of SeNv4.1 is currently being planned to get into SeNv5 Beta unless it is to test transfering SeNv4.1 data from the mySQL into SeNv5. Everything that you have done in SeNv5 Beta regarding testing such as creating an account, posting etc... will be deleted during the launch of SeNv5.

Uh... hmmm...
Data like members and such are stored in a database... mysql...
To transfer stuff, I just have to write a complicated query to select all data from the old table and input it into the new table... such as for members:
insert into is047s3n_new.members (select * from is047s3n_data.members)

But it's a bit more complicated...

Files, like attachments, are harder to transfer because it has both database items and real files, so keeping the database in sync is a bit harder.

What will be definitely transfered:
User names, passwords, emails, stats

What will not be transfered:
Avatars / Signatures / Titles
User settings

Almost aspects of posting should be fixed ~

    * Editing no longer requires a reason if you are the post owner and also a moderator
    * Minerals should be flowing pretty generously
    * Quoting directly to a post works
    * Posting should now increase your topic (if it applies) and post count
    * Warnings now get displayed if you don't enter a topic title (if it applies) or enter a post. Minimum characters are 5 and 2, respectively.

Topic moderation updates ~

    * Moderation should work correctly now, that is, if a mod closes/opens a topic, the owner can no longer affect it. If you are a mod, you should be able to affect it regardless.
    * A topic owner can write any reason while closing a topic without reprecussions (if a moderator writes in any reason at all, it will be considered moderating the topic and affect the owner negatively)
    * Canceling the reason to a close topic now cancels the action

Display updates ~

    * Topic view now again displays the topic's description.
    * "Creator: " prefix again added to the name that almost randomly floated in the topic header
    * overflow:hidden for non-ie and word-wrap:break-word for ie for the people who'd intentionally write incredibly long unbroken strings.

Still needs to be done ~

    * Images... of course
    * Multi quotes
    * Karma
    * Polls
    * Forum view display upgrades (ugh)
    * Moderation redirection (if you multimoderate from page 2 in a forum, it should take you back to page 2)
    * Post moderation... delete & report
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