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Report, edit, etc...Posted by IsolatedPurity on 2005-12-07 at 20:48:02
Damn... I wrote a update post and lost it ;o
In short: Senv5 is back up. Your old usernames should be available. If you don't have any illegal characters in your name and wish to keep your old name, you cetainly can, however, you still do have the option of changing your name once you initially sign in.

The layout is TEMPORARY. The bottom exists just to exist (avoid commenting on the suckiness, because, I know). The top is experimental. I really wish to know what it looks like on whatever browser mac people use. Safari?
I've also been fooling around with the CSS, especially form elements (IE won't let me use CSS2 selectors, so I just went back and added regular css1 to everything). Some tweaking still needs to be done, but you can still suggest / comment.

Messager, profiles, shoutbox main are all down. There's something wrong with sessions, so you'll be logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity until I fix it. Hot linking avatars won't work yet, but uploading them should.

New things:
Relative time parsing... (lol)
Random avatars for those who lack them initially (they ARE random, they are just all the same atm)

Dead things:
Shoutbox in vertical mode (only a very, very few select people use it in senv4... it might make a comeback later though -- no promises).
Switch to kill all images in topics.

Planned next projects:
General upkeep and testing of current scripts (settings, forums).
Message center upgrade.
Forum Moderation <-> Message Center <-> ModCP integration


Old crap that is unnecessary to read and will be deleted shortly:

It's taking more than I said to get this all updated. The thing is, I'm doing a bit more than I thought I would be. I believe the login/registration/session code is highly optimized, more user friendly, and almost ready to deal with it's regular stuff as well as import users from senv4. So, once I reopen senv5, your old account will be available. I have two more scripts to write (force changing of the username if their name contains characters no longer compatible with senv5) and that should be it.

Settings is almost redone, minus the journal/profile stuff (which will be saved for later on... mostly until the DLDB is done). The main thing I wanted to do here is make avatars more dynamic for the shoutbox, fix the bug that allowed people to upload bigger images for post backgrounds than allowed, and add new code to the signature parser.

The other thing that's taking a bit of time is the general senv5 display. I've been fooling around with the css, trying to see if I can make things a bit better overall. Naturally, IE is giving me problems. Even Opera is pissing me off a little because it won't let me style file upload boxes.

I will probably reopen it after everything is stablized, even if the display is still a little messy. I didn't want to subject everyone to errors while I worked on the code and didn't want to subject myself to people telling me about them smile.gif. Soon enough though, I'll reformat my computer and work on senv5 locally and upload completed scripts to the server.


SENv5 is going through a small restructuring phase. This mostly has to do with my perfectionist and extreme need for organization. I expect sen to be down for most of today... maybe tomorrow depending on my motivation. Benefits of this restructuring include: very slight increase in sql times, easier coding for me, better cross compatability with IE (grr), slight increase in sexiness.

You can continue to dish out suggestions in this forum. I'll post when I'm done.
All data will probably be reset... including member registration. After this, I'm thinking the next reset will include importing your senv4 member data and then that'll be it.
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