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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Valug on 2006-03-26 at 10:58:17
[sub]It seems alot of people do not know how to get a picture of their map, this tutorial will explain the process step by step.

1. Get the software. Scm/Scx to Jpg Converter v1.7 and you may also need Visual Basic Runtimes. To install these simply run the exe and follow the directions they say.

2. Make your picture. First, find your maps file in your SC directory or whereever you save your maps. Right click on it and hit the button that says 'make jpeg'.

user posted image

3. If you get any errors, make sure your map does not have any improperly placed units, this can be fixed by resaving in Staredit.

4. Host it. Now that you got your picture, go to somewhere like ImageShack. Find your file..

user posted image

5. Hit 'host it!'

user posted image

6. Now you will have a bunch of different links, you want the bottom one, the direct link to your picture. Copy it.

user posted image

7. Now, go to your thread, and paste that code.

[img]Your Link Here[/img]

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