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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Lyon on 2006-05-14 at 01:55:56
[center]Majesty RPG[/center]
[center]Created by PCFredz[/center] Some of you know i use this forum every Week. i recommend a Map every friday and close my other topic every friday. Its for the posts....(NOT MAINLY ZOMFG!) but for review practice. im Getting good at reviewing maps. maybe i'll start reviewing Games next? hah! that'd be a shocker huh?, now. the Review!


The Story is as good as can be expected. it doesnt have too many twists...nor does it have Characters. but it can still be interesting if you put your thought to it. it can score and easy 6

out of 10 ------ 6/10


The Music in the game is very nicely put together. as are the "Walk In" sounds as you enter buildings. whats a shocker about the music is that its all put together not as one file. but has Many files played at a correct time. thats hard to do, i can give this an easy 8.

out of 10 -------- 8/10


Its Nothing special. your average open RPG...except it has a Twist, as many know already (i think..) one player Commands a thriving nation building up its cities. and nearly every building in those citys that one player makes is Enterable by the RPG players!, you can easily say thats complex ^_^, i'll give that a 9

out of 10 --------- 9/10


The game is HIGHLY replayable. and you'll notice at the beginning of every game. it'll say +++Generating Map+++. and it REALLY is generating the map. Random Creature Spawns. its choosing what spawn location the King will start out in. and besides that There are many classes...if only PCFredz would remake this using SCMDraft so it could have more features this map would be Close to perfect!, 9.

out of 10 --------- 9/10


This map deserves an 8.9999999, in Sound, Replayability, TRIGGERING, Gameplay. and EVERYTHING! its a Fantastic map alltogether. if more maps we're like this one though...there wouldnt be much competition cause we'd be COMMUNIST!! HAHHAHAA!!! IF ALL MAPS WE'RE LIKE THIS! HA! ok, you love my jokes I GET IT THANK YOU THANK YOU ^_^. now to put this to a close. an 8

out of 10 -------- 8/10

Now For the map.

Report, edit, etc...Posted by Staredit.Net Essence on 2006-05-14 at 05:12:33
Yeh i love to play this map, i spend a few hours with some mates and i prefer being the king! the hero is good but i belive that a updated version is needed! Maybe another player can be on another team, rest get evenly divided among the players and have a head to head!!! it would be so wicked!!.... some new buildings and objects are defiantly in order!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Chronophobia on 2006-05-17 at 18:16:01
Just a question, wasn't this map like one of those maps that where in the "staredit only competition"?
Report, edit, etc...Posted by dumbducky on 2006-05-17 at 19:01:22
Yes it was. I think it got first place too.

I rate it a 7. I like being the builder dude and trying to kill buildings with my sunken colony(s) of doom. Except it gets boring after awhile.
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