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Report, edit, etc...Posted by DoomGaze on 2006-06-23 at 03:36:38
Paths of Ice RPG

Made by: PGConqueror

Genre: Action/Rpg

Battle System: Real time

Tileset: Iceworld

Dimensions: 256x256

Well, you guys may know PGConqueror from Honourless, which happened to be featured as map of the month back a year or so. But anyways, here comes another map from him, which happens to utilize the same style as Honourless, except it's multiplayer.

Story: Personally, I like PG's style of storytelling, as it's actually fairly simple, yet contains enough twists and turns to engross you into the storyline. Although you do feel a bit dragged around at times, most of the story goes quite smoothly as you see old characters return, rather than meeting a new person in each town or so. However, would like to say that there's almost too much betrayals and plot twists in this game. I was going to give this category a 9/10 (which I'll say, is an amazing feat), but because the story didn't end where I thought would end, that last twist at the end of the game I found was a bit unecessary, and dragged down the score a bit. Besides that, the story is one of the most solid ones I've seen thus far in a completed SC RPG.

Terrain: Aside from some biased-ness from the Iceworld terrain, most of the terrain is utilized and is varied enough to be considered realistic. Fairly good block-offs, running around, and most of the map being used, I'll have to say that the terrain isn't bad at all. One thing I do have to mention is the waste of space on the top left corner, which could've been used for some better purposes or a bit more clear.

Battle System: The battle system really isn't the highlight of this map, as there's five classes, and one spell per class, and that's pretty much all. And the units are pre-placed. What else can I say?

Originality: The kingdom names aren't bad, and some of the class names are quite a hard find, so you get an A for the name originality. Storywise, I've seen that sort of plot in several places, but I'll give you the credit anyways, since those aren't SC RPGs and such. But anyways, it seems pretty original overall. Except for the battle system.

Complexity: There's a mini-tutorial in the beginning, and the towns and such are self-explanitory. However, I do have a bit of a complaint that your next destination and objectives are sometimes hard to catch. Let's say you weren't paying attention and you didn't catch where you're supposed to go yet. Fortunately, you would usually head to the next mineral patch that magically dissapears, but in one or two missions, you're not so lucky (*ahem*findingthatotherspellweaver*ahem*), and you end up searching the world as to what to do next. But anyways, that could be helped, but oh well.

I shall state that the primarily interest in this map is not for the battle system, but rather for it's very solid plot, and all the fun in between. Following in the footsteps of Honourless, I'll have to say that Honourless was better, but that's also because that was single player and with only one hero, thus development of the protagonist is much easier. Otherwise, this is still a fairly solid RPG and worth playing until the end.

Rating Factors:
Story - 8/10
Terrain - 6/10
Battle System - 3/10
Originality - 8/10

Other Factors:
Complexity - 4/10
Replay Value - 6/10
Fun Factor - 5/10
Difficulty - 5/10

6.3 / 10.0 - Overall

Download the map here!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Tdnfthe1 on 2006-07-02 at 11:27:14
Simplistic yet ingenious. If PGConquerer used techniques we use today in map making, there'd be some great rpgs out there today. I finished this one and easily give it an 8.5/10, I'd give it a 9 but there were just a few things I thought were done poorly so I just cant give it a 10 or 9. However I loved the rpg thought it was almost as good as honourless, this 1 is multi-player so it's different actually.

Storyline: 10/10(This includes how the story progresses, very good)
Terrain: 6.5/10(Your average isom terrain with some doodads)
Triggers: 8/10(For the time when this map was created, the triggs wuldve gotten this score)
Battle System/ Fighting: 7/10 (Basic RTC which when done right is fun, but i can't give an RTC system more than 7/10 even if it's my own map for instance.)

Other Categories
Difficulty: 9/10(Not a good idea to play this alone)
Complexity: 4-5/10(If you didn't catch on after the first few minutes, you're lost)
Replay Value: 4/10(Maybe if you didn't die you wanted to try other classes)
Fun Factor: 9/10(When not running for my life, I enjoyed the map)
Creativity: 9/10 (I thought it was really original and well thought out)

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Report, edit, etc...Posted by Doodan on 2006-07-06 at 00:38:59
I'm a big fan of PGConquerer, too. I played this solo and enjoyed myself. I didn't like it quite as much as The Honourless, but it was still pretty good. I hope I don't sound like a starcraft traitor, but PG's WC3 map named "Heart of Winter" is basically a remake of this game and it is fantastic. The story is more detailed and planned (but in most regards the same), there's an interesting weapons system that I haven't seen in any other RPG. I'd say you should give them both a try!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by -bilal92- on 2006-07-06 at 00:45:40
sounds good imma dl it biggrin.gif is it in download db? im not sure if i saw it there or not...
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