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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-08-05 at 12:41:16
There aren't any topics here, so go with the SEN v5 rules. There isn't a warn level system in v5, but we can figure out equivalents when it's needed.

1. By participating on this website, you acknowledge that you possess a working, functional brain, will make use of it, and are capable of playing nice in the sandbox with the other kids. You will be expected to respond to logic.

2. SEN Administration reserves the right to modify this FAQ or any FAQ at any time for any reason without prior notice. It is the responsibility of members to keep updated on the rules and regulations.

3. Do not direct swearing or abusive language towards another member or staffer of SEN.

4. Treat people with the courtesy and respect you'd like to receive in return. If you don't respect us, we won't respect you. Keep in mind that staff works for the site, not for you! You don't have to like anybody here, but you still have to get along.

5. Demonstrate common sense in your actions and language - this is a forum, not an AOL chat room. If you want to spam or post in jibberish and 1337, go to some kiddy site, we don't want it here. Please do not post for the sake of posting, that is spamming.

6. If you and other(s) are going to argue or have a side conversation, try to keep it in Private Messages. We aren't a court system, and will consider excessive posting of off topic replies spamming in addition to flaming, if applicable.

7. Multiple accounts are not allowed, no excuses. Abusing multiple accounts to cheat on games or evade punishments will result in severe penalties. If you wish to change your username, read this. If there is another account registered because you share your computer with someone else (brother, sister, etc) who uses SEN, let us know before we find out about it.

8. If you discover a bug on the website, report it. Reporting bugs and helping us fix things might get you rewarded. On the contrary, abusing bugs on the website and keeping silent might get us angry.

9. Be mindful of security on your account. "Someone else logged on and did XXX under my name" is no excuse (unless it was a malicious hacker, script kiddie, etc.). Your account is yours and yours alone. We advise using a hard-to-guess complex password, unique to this site. Accessing or attempting to access another's account without permission is a serious offense. Imitation or impersonation of another member is also a punishable offense. Nobody from SEN will ever need your password. If I want to log in under your account... I will.

10. Administration (not Global Mods or other staff) have the right to punish anyone for anything they see fit in any fashion they choose. If someone is punished in X way for doing Y and you also do Y, this does not entitle you to identical punishments.

11. While we can make mistakes, the staff is NOT stupid (usually). If you get busted for breaking one of the rules or doing something very stupid, you will be dealt with accordingly. Should you wish to contest a warn, use PMs if possible and present a good clean argument. Always try to settle your discussions privately before involving the administrators or the public.

12. Please, no excessive whining or giant scene making. Yes, we know your account used to have no warns. We know you didn't do it. That's all fine and dandy, but we don't want to hear about it. tongue.gif The golden rule, in gold, if you don't like it, leave.
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