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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-09-10 at 12:32:07
SEN will consider hosting a clan because it can establish a mutally beneficial relationship with the clan. This means that SEN offers the clan something (resources, hosting, publicity, etc) in exchange for something (maps, good helpful members, tutorials, etc). No "rule violations" are necessary for clan removal. If it is no longer in SEN's best interest to host the clan and the relationship is no longer mutually beneficial, then the clan forum will be considered for removal.

Minimum Requirements
To apply for a forum on, a clan must meet the following requirements:
  • Existed in it's current state for at least four months.
  • Have five or more active members on SEN. Two of these members must have Regular or Elite status, or be staff. A full list of members must be provided with the application and maintained in the clan forum.
  • Have something to offer SEN (maps, tutorials, good helpful members, etc).
  • Have a focus on StarCraft mapping, modding, melee, etc.
  • Have content to show us (maps, mods, etc.)
  • Be in good standing with SEN, and have good-mannered members.
Once the clan feels that it has met all the requirements, a clan leader may submit a formal application in the Website Feedback forum. Post all of your qualifications. Be sure to include maps, information about your clan, a list of members, and whatever else you think will improve your chances of getting in. Ensure your post is formal in terms of grammar and attitide. We have high standards, and will refuse any sloppy applications. SEN only takes those worthy!
A clan may only apply for clan forum hosting once every 2 months. A clan denied a forum must wait two months from the date of the previous application to apply again.

A clan may be removed without notice for any of the following reasons (and probably a whole bunch other which I haven't listed), OR for failing to meet the criteria of an audit when one takes place.
  • Such a relationship is no longer in SEN's best interest.
  • Inactivity or non-use of clan forum.
  • Violation(s) of SEN rules by the clan, clan leaders, or clan members.
  • Clan wars between clans.
  • Internal clan wars.
  • Removal is requested by clan leaders.
Clan Forum Audits
Clan Forums will be periodically audited by an upper Staff member to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements of clan affiliation and hopefully to catch problems before they become extremely serious. Clan audits are random and may occur with little obvious reason. The auditor must find that a Clan Forum has all of the following in order for the Clan Forum to continue to exist:
  • An active member list accurate to within 14 days of the audit including, but not limited to all active members with SEN accounts, their SEN user names, and a link to their profile. Clan members without listed SEN usernames are not recognized by Staredit Network as clan members when counting to membership and activity quotas.
  • Five members active (logged in) in the 30 days before the audit, two of which are of Regular status or better.
  • At least one map or modification published under the clan banner in the 30 days before the audit, OR at least one map or modification deemed by the auditor to be major and substantial published under the clan banner in the 90 days before the audit.
  • At least 3 posts in the Clan Forum in the 7 days before the audit.
  • Clear demonstration of a lack of misbehavior in the clan forum.
  • Clear demonstration of the relative unity of the clan.
Clans granted forums on or before December 18, 2006 are granted a grace period until January 1, 2007 in order to meet the audit requirements.

What if a clan already has a forum not on SEN?
A clan that has a forum external of SEN can still apply for a forum here. However, keep in mine that the idea of hosting is to give forums to clans that NEED them. Your clan may only have one forum in existance owned or managed by a leader/member. The clan may apply for a clan forum while having one and remove it upon acceptance.

What are the rules of a clan forum?
Clan leaders may set their own list of rules for their clan forum. However, the clan forum is governed by all SEN rules. The clan must be tolerant of all SEN members and not start clan wars. Also, the forum should be somewhat active, inactive forums may be removed at any time without notice.

What if a clan war takes place?
SEN is always a neutral party in any dispute between clans. If your clan does decide to engage in a clan war, we don't want to see it. Flaming, spamming, or harrassment over any communication forms residing on Staredit Network will be not tolerated. SEN rules still apply at all times, and several actions involving clan wars probably violate them.
Clan wars that take place on SEN will result in removal of either one or both clans (assuming they are both on SEN) at the discretion of the administrators.

What if a clan disbands?
Ideally, a clan that is breaking up peacefully will have all leaders agree to a disbanding. The forum will then be locked and removed when it is finalized.
Should a leader fall inactive for an extended period of time, other active leaders may contact Administrators to take their place. Alternatively, if no leaders are active, the leaders in power may be removed and a new leader may be appointed at the discretion of the administrators.

What about fights inside the clan?
As said before, SEN will remain a neutral party, and all rules still apply.
If factions are split in such a way that one holds a vast majority (~75+%), that shall become the designated clan on SEN. The rest will be free to form their own clan and submit their own application once they meet the requirements.
If factions are not split with such a majority and cannot reach an agreement within a reasonable timeframe, the clan forum may simply be locked and eventually removed. Each side will then be able to resubmit an application for a clan forum provided they meet the requirements.
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