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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Tuxedo Templar on 2006-09-22 at 17:17:25
Yep, 2 years old to this day! This was the base I was gonna use for my discontinued uber RPG, the A&O saga.

Not all of my original ideas are there (saving a few of my best, in fact wink.gif), but you can see at least some of where I was going with this. I was aiming to make it a hell of a map, which you can probably guess just by a peek at this tiny, unfinished early stage of the functionality alone.

Just a few notes, though:
  • Menus are controlled by moving the scourge in the cardinal and ordinal directions. Hotkeying and clicking with the minimap on the little points helps for that.
  • The gunner system was never implemented for this, but most everything else was. Feel free to mess around.
  • This is not balanced, tweaked, or designed to be playable. This was not even yet at its first alpha, really. There was a few issues preventing me from getting it to alpha at the time, and I was actually debating on whether to redo it from scratch. That is, before Rush kidnapped me, anyway. wink.gif
  • This is not to be recontinued or made for use in your own maps, in whole or in part. You may however feel free to pick through the workings of the triggers or play around with it as you like, short of publicly releasing your own modified versions. There's still a chance (slim) that I may recontinue this, so I'd like some of the names and concepts to still be intact, at least.
  • You may however borrow whatever ideas from this you want for your own maps, if you find any useful. I'll ask you to use your own implementations, however, and at least try to not copy it trigger by trigger.
Happy birthday, my unborn magnum opus!
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