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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-09-22 at 18:51:05
[center]Children of the Light[/center]
Basically, it's one of those "RPG" type maps, where you get your heroes and fight stuff. Of course, there's many twists...

Vision - You have no vision of your allies. You have no vision of yourself. There are several allied-computer owned Scourges that give you vision of the map. They fly around generating vision. They represent light, you are the children. Children of the Light! tongue.gif

Morph - Each hero comes in two forms. I should've worked this out better with slow/strong, fast/weak, etc, but that can be tweaked. Basically, each hero is a mecha that morphs into an alternative form by building a nuke for 200 gas. Gas regenerates on hyper trigger. Perhaps having a special attack or something for each hero would improve the map.

Heal - Heal is limited, it costs 200 gas, which regerates on a hyper trigger.

Items - The item system is crappy, but there's usable item system and store laid down. There's also a hero Seige Tank in there for 36 minerals, for "debug" and "testing". Remove this if you release the map. tongue.gif A dropship system might suit this map well.

Upgrades - Kill things to gain minerals. Early minerals are easier to earn (1k for the first, 2k for the second, etc), but they end up costing 5k kill score each at maximum.

All triggers are well commented. You should be able to figure it out. The map is playable as of now. It could use a storyline or a reason that there isn't any light around, though. smile.gif

.: .: Copyright Info...
I must be listed as the original creator and idea source in the mission objectives and scenario details. You may download the map just to look at it, analyze and learn from it, to edit it, or... to steal various systems such as triggers from it (though I'd appreciate credit for that tongue.gif)
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