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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-09-24 at 00:57:37

This was the map that I started making for the Feburary 2006 monthly mapping contest (yeah, I was making a map for the first contest), which I realized I'll probably never finish anyway. The core developments are in but a few key features and overall "completeness" are missing.
Being in the later style of my mapping... none of the triggers are commented, simply because I know how my stuff works. There isn't anything extremely complex in there, but I'm willing to explain if someone wants to develop this map.

Hijacking - The general idea behind the map is that you're stuck in a big Aeon of Strife style battle. Your "Ghost" isn't a super strong fighter, but rather can hijack the machines of the other team and fight with them. Hijacking is done by standing next to them (and surviving) for a small period of time.

AI - I was hoping to get some good AI in this map. AI that would go around the sides and use all entrances of the base, air strikes, rebuilding of walls, that sort of thing. I'd definitely like to see that implemented if anyone edits this.

.: .: Copyright Info...
I must be listed as the original creator and idea source in the mission objectives and scenario details. You may download the map just to look at it, analyze and learn from it, to edit it, or... to steal various systems such as triggers from it (though I'd appreciate credit for that tongue.gif)
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