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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-09-27 at 16:50:56
[center]Battle of Asdift[/center]

This was a hack and slash type map. Basically, you pick a hero and join some sort of epic battle. There are five classes with two spells/skills. Each round earns the hero one upgrade.

Gameplay - Basically, enemies spawn on points on the path and others patrol it. The objective is to reach the enemy base at the end of the path. Each level gets progressively harder. Every time you reach the temple, you need to fight the boss, who also gets stronger and gets better AI and trigger based spells. Once defeated, he throws you out of the temple and you need to reach it again. On the fifth time, you fight him once and for all.

AI - I was hoping to get some good AI in this map. In addition the boss AI, the enemies will have their patrol groups take random paths along their territory. Also, the speed of AI enemy spawning is affected by the number of players...

The map is relatively well commented. The text file explains how the AI's path choices break down with the random chance of each path being selected.

.: .: Copyright Info...
I must be listed as the original creator and idea source in the mission objectives/briefing and scenario details. You may download the map just to look at it, analyze and learn from it, to edit it, or... to steal various systems such as triggers from it (though I'd appreciate credit for that too tongue.gif)
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