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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-10-10 at 20:34:35
Well, here we go again. We know what goes on here by now - set a common theme and a bunch of rules and judging criteria tailored to it. The winner is the one who makes the best map featuring the theme. Now, I'm not asking for anything big or extravagent, because you'll only have three weeks to make your map. Maps will be judged by me or anyone I deem fit to judge the maps.

October's Theme: Horror
We all saw this one coming... zombies, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, the living dead, undead, redead... you scream it, you got it. Give me some sort of scary horror map. From haunted houses to killer mouses, the theme is open on this one!

» Must be an original map not made prior to the contest. Steal a map or send in an old one and I'll eat your children.
» No map dimensions larger than 192x192.
» No map over 666kb.
» Any number of players acceptable.
» No team projects.
» No modded maps (SCMLoader, etc).
» You may submit up to three entries, but only the highest scoring entry will be placed and recieve a prize.
» No entry fees.
» Feel free to protect your map. The playing end will be emphasized more than the creation end. 95% of the maps are never opened in an editor.

DEADLINE: Maps are due at 12:01 AM EST on October 31st, Eastern Standard Time (EST). This means all maps must be in before Halloween.

You may submit any amount of copies of a map, and the last valid one recieved will the one judged for the contest.
1. PM me the map as an attachment.
2. Attach the map to a post here (I download all attachments that seem like contest entries from this thread).
3. Attach the map to another post or topic and PM me the link or post a link here.
4. PM me a link to the map in the DLDB.
5. PM or post me a link to your map on some external host.
(let's hope the attachment bug is fixed by then smile.gif)

Judging Criteria
Theme (10) - How well does the map fit the theme? Something premade with a few text changes (ie, your forest map from last month which you didn't enter with "ZOMBIE TREE" isn't a good idea). This is no longer a static black and white 0 or 10 rating, there will be a range. The map will now be graded on how important the theme is to the central ideas of the map. A map scoring 0 on this won't be graded further, regardless of how well it fits.

Fun (25) - Most of the time, the deciding factor in contest entries. Important for me as I'm playing the map. Am I running around having a good time, or watching a unit talk to itself in a movie? Are there huge bugs that prevent play of the maps? Are there cool new systems and spells and difficulty levels and such things to keep the game interesting? Replay value is a plus for this score. If I ever go to this map again, is it going to be to play it over and over and give to my friends or to delete the scm/scx?

Aesthetics and Professionalism (15) - Did you use one type of terrain tile and no text color? Are there mispellings distracting me at every turn with some poorly made triggers? Hopefully you can create something that looks and feels decent. I'm not asking for extensive extended terrain or hundreds of sprites, a map that seems well-made should score well. On the subject of professionalism, please PLAYTEST your maps before submission. Nothing looks dumber than a map that obviously hasn't been tested. Having lots of bugs will definitely lower your score here.

Yeah, you thought I'd just make you do this for fun? Prestiege? Honor? HAH!

First place: 800 minerals
Second place: 400 minerals
Third place: 200 minerals
First, Second, and Third place entries all go into the Map Spotlight on the front page.
Noteworthy Mention*: 100 minerals
*to be given at my discretion. Nobody has to win these.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Zeratul_101 on 2006-10-10 at 20:40:28
pinch.gif this is probly one of the few themes where my creativeness runs out... maybe next month.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Xeno on 2006-10-10 at 20:40:51
I think I might be able to pull together a little map for this contest, I love whore.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Kyuubi. on 2006-10-10 at 20:58:42
i'll probably be entering this contest...i just need to think up of an idea, once i got one, i'll start on it...even though i can't really make any horror themed maps...but i'll give it a shot.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mp)7-7 on 2006-10-10 at 21:43:07
Aha, I got an idea just thinking of one. It isnt very dinamite but it is better than not having an idea. An idea can only get better! I think I may start on my map tomorrow. I am deffinately joining this one! I like this theme, thanks Moose!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by DrgnAlchem on 2006-10-10 at 21:47:04
Nice limit on the file size for this one. I'm going to try to make a map that is 666KB just to give it that extra demonic influence.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Syphon on 2006-10-10 at 22:01:03
Dibs on Snakes on a Plane theme.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Rantent on 2006-10-10 at 22:02:17
I'm so doing "ZOMBIE TREE."
It will be HORRORible!

bleh.gif I'm bored, I might make something.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by ShizTheresABear on 2006-10-10 at 22:03:00
Damn, you took my idea. Oh well, I got another. Hopefully I'll do good.. first time entering in one of these contests.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by WoAHorde2 on 2006-10-10 at 22:03:09
I'm going to enter this contest, thus making it my first contest

I' maiming for a team going to ana bandoned lab, but finding everybody dead, and you have to escape wink.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Sephiroth-Cetra on 2006-10-10 at 22:11:14
Aww... I was hoping the theme would be Devlin, lol. I'm no good at making horror style maps... I might try to pull something together, although I'd first need some inspiration.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by GTi on 2006-10-10 at 22:16:31
I might have to take this challenge, Sounds fun to make. Lol
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Maith on 2006-10-10 at 22:35:03
What about suprise type things? like in my map if you go over a burrowed unit there will be an explosion and you get 10% damage dealt to you. THink that would fit this theme...cause its pritty scary running into somthing your not expecting. Am I right?
Report, edit, etc...Posted by EcHo on 2006-10-10 at 23:23:40
:/, wasnt horror used before?
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Laser_Dude on 2006-10-10 at 23:48:08
I wasn't around then, but it probably used last year.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by EcHo on 2006-10-11 at 00:17:29
I hope i actually work on my contest map this time. I usually get to liek 10% when the contest is over.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by ShizTheresABear on 2006-10-11 at 01:33:20
Eh..I already finished my map for this contest >_>

I guess I'll be submitting multiple maps?
Report, edit, etc...Posted by xmrxsiegecopx on 2006-10-11 at 02:07:04
This is definately the best contest theme so far. I alread have tons of ideas for this.

Since my Knightmare Forest map qualifies as a horror map, I'll probably make Knightmare Forest II and at the same time finishing the former.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by smasher25 on 2006-10-11 at 03:58:52
Heh seem like an excellent time to release a new contest mini-moose, especially for halloween and people can have flexibility. Since Moogle's rpg contest has ended people can get straight to mapping after submitting a single submission (but I think people would like a break after six whole months of Rpg mapping)

Anyway good luck to all the contestants out there, happy Halloween!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Killer_Kow(MM) on 2006-10-11 at 06:49:54
No map over 666kb.


And I'm pretty sure Horror wasn't used before... I don't think Moose is that dumb tongue.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Xx.Doom.xX on 2006-10-11 at 07:11:20
Yay. A horror. I know exactly what i should make. devil.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by UBCS on 2006-10-11 at 07:26:27
Finally a theme i can really compete in. This is where the skill from all the best horror map makers comes in. BRING IT GUYS!!!

I'm extreamly excited about this one :]
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Cloud on 2006-10-11 at 10:52:14
What the heck Moose! I said make it Final Fantasy tongue.gif . Oh darn someone give me an idea... RawRZ^_^;;!MONSTER the Movie tongue.gif ...Actually thats not a bad idea lmao.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Lord-Omega on 2006-10-11 at 10:54:35
horor! HOROR! WOO WHO! omg this will be fun when i get my computer fixed lol... Almost all maps will be with ashlands probly... hmmmm wonder what ill do.... omg... is there a sims trick-or-treat? lol!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mp)Blu on 2006-10-11 at 11:29:25
w00t.gif horror theme! I got something up my sleeve wink.gif but maybe I ownt have enough time to finish by the deadline. I work too slow pinch.gif
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