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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-11-05 at 19:24:37
* PM either me and/or DT_Battlekruser. You can PM IP, but he's got other things to do and might get bogged down with requests.
* Make sure your e-mail is valid and will recieve mail from us. You will recieve a message telling you that your name has been changed.
* Otherwise, if you find your username doesn't exist, log in with the new one.
Note: A hard coded system of some sort may be set up to bypass private messaegs.

* You may only change your username once per month. Choose wisely. This may not apply for clan-related tag additions/removals.
* Your name change will be logged and available to the public.
* No fad/trendy renames.
* Exercise common sense. (YouAllSuck, SyphonIsLame, AAAAAAAAA, etc. won't be allowed).
* A denial of name change may or may not allow you another attempt at name change, at discretion of the staff.

If you violate any of these regulations, you will recieve a return PM of denial (and maybe some fines or warns if you do something stupid enough tongue.gif).
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