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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-11-09 at 15:31:27
What are warn levels?
The warn system is designed to keep track of any violations you have made on StarEdit Network, posting or otherwise. Warn levels can be any multiple of 20%, and range from 0% to 100%.

What if my warn level hits 100%?
When your warn level hits 100%, odds are it won't be as bad as it sounds. You won't be banned forever instantly, but several factors come into play.
  • Time you've been at SEN
  • Time period over which offenses were committed
  • Variation of offenses (doing 5 things is better than doing one thing five times)
  • Nature of offenses
However, nobody leaves 100% without the mandatory suspension.

Once you are suspended, your warn level is then reset. How far it goes back down depends on how many times you hit 100%...
1st 100% -> reset to 20%
2nd 100% -> reset to 40%
3rd 100% -> reset to 60%
4th 100% -> reset to 80% (see a pattern?)
5th 100% -> This is bad. Usually you'd get thrown out before you reach this.

How do I view my warn level and logs?
View your warn level by going to any post you've made (or your profile) and clicking the percentage number. A popup window will open with your warn logs.

What if I think a warn level raise or verbal warning was unfair?
That's a whole other thread.

Does my warn level ever go down? Even after 2707 years?
Nope. You really don't have to worry though, because the length of time you've been here and length of time your offenses were committed will weight into your suspension when your warn level is reset (as described above).
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