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Report, edit, etc...Posted by DT_Battlekruser on 2006-11-09 at 22:30:56
This forum is intended as a place for all major actions taken against members to be quickly cataloged and interpreted by the colleagues of the Staff member giving punishment. Please read all of the following guidelines relating to this forum:

I. Privacy Statement

As part of becoming a Staff member, you shall not divulge the records contained in this forum to any other member who does not have access to this forum. If such actions are revealed, then the offending Staff member will most likely be fired. Remember, this is a reference for our colleagues, but the privacy of members must be respected.

II. Inclusion Rules

When any of the following actions are taken against a member, a new topic MUST be made in The Record Vault:

a) Legal action against serious offenders (though I would hope such an action would be coordinated prior to this).
b) Permanent bans of any type (IP Ban, move to Forbidden group, endless suspension).
c) Other large agreements with members, such as their loss of certain privileges.
d) Suspensions of any length.
e) Post count deductions of 150 or more posts and/or mineral deductions of 1500 or more minerals.
f) Any moderatory action that becomes contested by the offending member.

Minor warns and verbal warns need not be noted here.

III. Topic Title Format

Topics in The Record Vault must have the following format:

BRIEF description why

Where the first line is the topic title and the italicized line is the subtitle or description.

[sup]1[/sup]In a word or two, i.e. "suspended", "fined", etc.

IV. Post Format

The Topic Post of topics in The Record Vault must be in the following format:


Action Taken: Describe in greater detail the actions taken against the offending member.

Offense by Member: Describe what the member has done to warrant the above punishment. Please try to be extremely detailed. Do not however, include any history of past offenses.

Relevant Criminal History: If the offending member has a history of any acts that directly relate to the named offense, list them here and describe them.

Response: OPTIONAL. If the member has made a response to the punishment, write out the response here.

Rebuttal/Additional Comments: OPTIONAL. If you want to add reasoning for your actions or make more comments, you may do so here, but this section is optional.

For a sample, see this:

V. Replying

Try to avoid replying to topics in The Record Vault unless it is a contested decision or you really feel there is a need. This is mostly a record vault, not an open forum.
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