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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-11-12 at 14:41:34
Sometimes the best way to learn new mapping techniques and tricks is to just look at some maps. But, a lot of the maps out there are protected. However, there are still quite a few places to obtain the good stuff...

* Project Graveyard - contains many maps that are unfinished, but also unprotected.
* Experimental Maps - an entire section of the DLDB dedicated to showing unlocked experimental and concept maps.
* (U)Bolt_Head's Unprotected Maps - one of StarCraft's greatest mappers released his maps, you can learn his secrets!
* Chuiu's Unlocked Maps - Chuiu was a skilled and knowledgable mapper and an old time SENer who released some of his open maps for your learning.
* LegacyWeapon's Unlocked Fall Bound - LegacyWeapon released a complete unlocked bound so that people would be able to learn to make them better.
* Doodan's Maps - are all unlocked.
* CaptainWill's Maps - are all unlocked.
* Tuxedo-Templar's Reference and Tutorial Maps - Tada!
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