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Report, edit, etc...Posted by SomeIdiotNerd on 2006-11-17 at 19:53:06
This is the Storyline so far, any critism is accepted.

The Complete Zerg Campaign:

Mission 1: Just an introductory mission, nothing major going on plot wise. We could have Kerrigan assault a band of hapless Terrans for resources. This will be a resource gathering mission where you have to destroy the small terran installation and accumulate about 2000 vespene and minerals.

Mission 2: A Psi disruptor starts distracting the Zerg, and to make matters worse, a heavily armed band of Terrans have set up base camp on the Omega Platform. While Kerrigan is on the planet, still searching for the Stasis Cells that contain our Hybrid friends Phobos and Deimos, you (the Cerebrate) must deal with the Terrans. The Psi disruptor also weakens the Zerg under your control.

Mission 3: After Phobos and Deimos make their introductions, you make your way to an installation on the swamp planet of Alamar where Kerrigan has tracked the Psi disruptor's signal. Noting the mental strength Deimos has, she sends him and his brother down to destroy the Psi disruptor. You fight through the swamps to the Psi disruptor at the main Terran base and destroy it.

Cinematic 2: Deimos is inside the deserted and dark command center, when he activates a message from Lexis, revealing to the player that Kerrigan has been successfully lured into his trap. This can also show some of Lexis’ personality traits perhaps.

Mission 4: Briefing includes Kerrigan telling you (the cerebrate) that the Terrans have blockaded the planet. Lexis interrupts and formerly introduces himself. Kerrigan tasks you with defending against the Terran attack while she attempts to get the broods still on Char to come to their aid. You are able to command Deimos and Phobos on this mission. (It might also be interesting to experiment with the idea of random orbital bombardment across the map).

Mission 5: You are given a twenty minute timer, and you must defend against very large waves of Terrans. At the end of the timer, Deimos informs Lexis through his immensely persuasive methods that he wishes to destroy Kerrigan, and will offer assistance. As Lexis’ ground forces are dwindling, he accepts and Deimos and Phobos, along with some of your units will turn on you. Once they have destroyed most of your base (which they will do fairly quickly) the mission will end.

Cinematic 3: Deimos and Phobos, along with Lexis and several of his trusted marines back Kerrigan into a corner. After a brief discussion, they slaughter Kerrigan. Shortly thereafter Deimos turns Phobos on Lexis, and he manages to flee as his marines give him cover.

Mission 6: In the briefing Deimos speaks to you, stating that either you will obey his new command over the zerg, or he will destroy you. The player obviously isn’t given a choice, and so your objective is to get Phobos and Deimos to some of the Terran landing craft alive.

Mission 7: In the Briefing Deimos explains that the broods Kerrigan called have finally arrived, and so this mission will entail you fighting on the orbital platforms in order to get to the reinforcing broods. Once they are together, Deimos manages to influence the cerebrates controlling them that Lexis has slain Kerrigan, and that he is now commanding them.

Mission 8: You've just reunited with the full bulk of your broods. So, it is time for your departure, but Deimos has no intention of allowing his first victory to go without notice. So, your goal in this mission is basically to depart from the planet, leaving nothing but death in your wake. Any refugees are to be slaughtered, and nothing left on the face of the barren world that once stood to topple the Zerg Empire.

The final part of the pestilence would be a brief encounter with the Protoss. It could practically be a reunion- Zeratul, Raynor (maybe) and Lexis are escaping (Zeratul presumably had arrived to provide an escape route for the Terran) and Deimos encounters them moments before they escape. There is an exchange of words, most argumentatively from Lexis, but the cool demeanor of Zeratul is the final not of the scene, as he briefly disregards the hybrid victory, playing it off as "just another victory" (although more poetically, like another head on the hydra, etc)

The complete Terran Campaign Outline:

Mission 1: After the introductory prologue, Baron Lexis laments the defeat at the hands of the Hybrid Deimos. However, he's driven to carry on his plans to gain control of all of Terran space, "for the good of Humanity", or so he says. His first target: the Dominion, which has seen a decline under the slipping rule of Arcturus Mengsk. However, right now you don't have the necessary manpower to subjugate the Dominion. Lexis sends you to Moria, where you must gather enough resources to bribe the rest of the Council into lending you their Raiders. The Kel-Morian Combine will get in the way, but your best men should render their resistance moot.

Mission 2: Lexis, having gathered enough resources to hire enough troops from the other Barons, decides to begin his assault the Dominion. As he enters their space, Mengsk contacts him, demanding to know who the hell Lexis is and why he's in Dominion space. The Baron tells him his name and objective, and asks Mengsk to surrender. Naturally, Mengsk says no. As Mengsk finishes telling Lexis to go to hell, the Baron orders you to assault the main Korhalian space platform, in an effort to eliminate Mengsk's fleet portion of his Home Guard.

Mission 3: After the Council navy has successfully blockaded Korhal, Lexis and General Nesser decide to take the fight to the surface. General Nesser has located a bluff above Augustgrad that would be a good staging point for the main assault. You are ordered to take a crack team of your best men and eliminate the considerable Dominion garrison on the plateau above Augustgrad.

Mission 4: The main assault upon Augustgrad, and Mengsk's home bases. Lexis wants you to destroy Mengsk's Command Center, and capture the dictator. After the head of the snake is chopped off, the body will fall in line, and all of Terran space will belong to the Council.

Cinematic: "And to hang by the Neck until Dead"--Arcturus Mengsk is standing at a metal gallows, inside the Execution Chamber of the Baron's Council's Mobile Command Center. He has a noose strung about his neck, and is staring at the figure standing across from him with utmost loathing. After some heated last remarks, Mengsk is told that he will "be hung by the neck, until dead." Baron Lexis, grinning an evil grin, pulls the lever, and Arcturus Mengsk, rebel and dictator, finally receives the death he's deserved many times over.

Mission 5: After the successful Dominion conquest, the Baron and his staff are growing bolder--and, they're broke. They no longer can pay the mercenaries they hired from the other Barons, and the men are getting antsy. The Council, in order to stymie all-out rebellion, has decided to apply their full strength against the Protoss living on the borderworld of Calladan. General Nesser has ordered you to assault the mineral-rich world, and remove its occupants in a manner befitting the Council's disdain of its enemies.

Mission 6: The Council scouts have detected a massive Protoss fleet heading at top speed for Calladan. This is very bad news, as Lexis hasn't set up a decent defense system yet. Therefore, General Nesser commands you to hold off the Protoss offensive for 45 minutes as reinforcements attempt to arrive in time to save your collective ass from an exceptionally angry Zeratul.

Cinematic: Voidworld--The Fleet of the Council has tracked the retreating Protoss forces for days on end. After painstaking effort, General Nesser is rewarded with the sight of a world shrouded in shadows, as if some ephemeral force is continually shrouding the planet. Several dozen Protoss ships are spotted fleeing toward the planet surface. The Terrans have arrived at Planet K'el.

Mission 7: After the Protoss are beaten back by the reinforcements sent by the Council and Calladan is secured, Baron Lexis pursues them to the Voidworld of K'el, a blank expanse of dark patches of desert dominated by an ancient Xel'Naga Temple. In order to show the Protoss who's boss, Lexis orders your men to destroy the Temple.

As you reach the interior of the Protoss compound, a transmission is sent to both Baron Lexis and Zeratul. It is Deimos, and he has observed the petty battles fought between his two principle enemies. He decided, in order to punish their supreme folly, to send three entire Broods to K'el, and terminate everyone on the planet, without discrimination. A massive wave of Zerg then descends upon the map, and wipes out everyone in its path.

Mission 8: Zeratul approaches Baron Lexis, and in light of Deimos's interference, suggests that he ally with the Protoss in order to save the Temple from the Zerg, who are currently nesting around it. Zeratul says that the Temple is interfering with the Zerg's communications, and since Deimos isn't on K'el, the Zerg are losing concentration. If the Protoss and Terrans ally together, they could wipe the world clean of all the Zerg.
Lexis agrees, on condition that Calladan be given to him, and that his forces would be allowed to vacate K'el airspace in peace. Zeratul concurs, and a battle for the ages begins.

Cinematic: The Retreat of the Baron--As the last few Zerg flee in utter confusion, Baron Lexis decides to make a hasty retreat before the Protoss forget the pact they made. General Nesser asks why not just attack the Protoss again, and Lexis says something that the Protoss will never forget…

"Fire the nuclear warhead."

An orbital Nuke, fired from a modified Battlecruiser, lands on the Xel'Naga Temple, obliterating it and all the Protoss within a thousand kilometers of it. Laughing his head off, Lexis, his aides, and the Council fleet warp out of K'el airspace.

The Protoss Campaign:

mission 1 - "The escape" the protoss are devasted by terran's bombing. The destruction of the temple left many warriors insane. You, with another female hero are searching for Zeratul. You find him wounded badly and immediatly orders a probe to warp in a dragoon for him. Zeratul gathers nearby comerades and head for a robotics facility where shuttles are available. The area is heavily under seige by the Terrans even though a mass majority has already fled form the dying planet. You seek to find more wandering protoss and flee. When you get to your take off, you realise the area is swarmed with anti-air defense owned by the terrans and remaining zerg scourges from the last assault that are still probing the planet for lifeforms. The shuttle numbers are limited and not all can get on, remaining protoss are eager to fight for their lives for the survival of their race, they were left on the battle field fighting for the last of their long heoric lifetime.

mission 2 - "Assasination" making a quick come back, zeratul was filled with anger and distrust towards the entire terran race. He seeks to avenge the destruction of his planet and his race. Immediately, he launches a vast high class army into the capital ship which currently contains Lexis. Zeratul swore he will pay for his crime. They were detected during the game and a time limit goes off as armies of reinforcements are heading into the capital ship. You must kill Lexis before the limit, when you get to his room, you find out he has detached himself onto another sub-ship and vanished. With your forces trapped, you recalled your troops back to your temporary planet.

mission 3 - "reprucussions" Lexis feels unsafe and wants a full scale search despite his weak forces and the raging zerg forces. He wants Zeratul dead before he gets killed. He decides to lay seige on every planet known. This sacred temple Zeratul and his fugitives hide in are one of them. Your goal is to fend of the Terrans until backup from another planet owned by protoss arrives. (remember, protoss own many planets, only one was attacked in the past plots)

Cinematic: Camera views a close up on zeratul. Zooms out and shifts as if we are looking through zeartul's eyes. From the sides, vast armies of zealots march at a synchronized pace towards the downhill. As zeartul takes a few steps forward, we are now able to see a never ending landscape where the land seems to never end. On top, is covered with purple creep, zerg structures, and large fumes of clouds spiraling around the sky. A carrier above flies forward, followed by another, then another. Zeratul looked behind and you see an outrageous number of zealots, dragoons, templars, archons and spacecrafts.

mission 4 - "Assault on the Swarm" With the entire forces of protoss across the univserse all united, you march towards the zerg swarms and will eradicate them all. (plain old, base vs base game)

mission 5 - "Fall of the Zergs" Your protoss army has devasted the zergs, but somewhere in the way, you were seperated from the main protoss army, surrounded by multiple hive clusters and hybrid clans, you fight back couragously.

mission 6 - "Who let the dogs out" The main fleet has reached the powerful cerebrates controlling the zerg swarms, one of them is daggoth. Here, you will free all zergs from any control, and you are prepared for the results of mindless zergs learnt from past lessons.

mission 7 - "Raynor's Raiders" Raynor has returned, he owns a large contigent and is willing to take out Lexis, part of raynor's forces were originally Stukov's, who was suppose to be already dead, apparently not. But recently, during Lexis' domination, he was killed in action. Now Raynor hopes to find justice out of the defeat of the Barons. This mission is more of like a movie map.

mission 8 - "For my home and people" Zeratul, teamed with Raynor launches their massive army, and in this mission, Lexis, the mean person, dies (cheers)

Cinematic: In his battle cruiser, Lexis takes on a fleet of scouts as his own base takes a beating from rampaging archons. His right hand man, General Nesser, single handedly got taken out by a dark archon. Watching his Command Centers turn to rubble, he fires a yamato cannon at an incoming carrier. Seige tanks deploy from the BC and fights back against the archons. An arbiter comes into sight rendering everything else invisible. The sky suddenly was filled entirely by psionic storms... The ship is coming down... Lexis getsinto his drop ship and flees. When he got to the far valley, he found another arbiter, ordering a pair of valks to destroy it, it revealed another large army of enemies. Artanis flies out in his scout and comes eye to eye with the drop ship, one set of missiles sent the ship crashing down, below zeratul in his dragoon waits for Lexis to come out. When Lexis did come out, his was shocked to the bones. A large ball of blue flashed before the screen and this cinematic ends.

mission 9 - "End of Abominations" So far, all seemed succesful, but Daimos seemed to gain control of all the zergs by himself alone. Raynor, being away for many years, asks what happened to duran, and he though there were more hybrids. Daimos claims he is the perfect being of the universe, he was the original intentioned creation of the Kel'Naga, with the chystals embedded in his body, he got rid of Duran and his silly creations. Zeratul disagree's with Daimos view and tells him the only path for him is death. (here, you have the bloodiest battle you can think of, map is 512x512)

mission 10 - "Result of War" Lexis was not so dumb, he knew he will be killed, but he prepared a last psi disruptor planted into the core of Shakura. you are send to kill all zergs and make sure not one larva escapes, Zeratul is sick of seeing these things around.

Cinematic: Raynor in his Battle cruise, Stukov's BC at his side, and followed by a large fleet of starcrafts depart the blood drenched planet and heads to Korhal hoping to establish a new terran planet there. The protoss, finally united with eachother, rests in Shakuras under the silver twilight. The probes are as busy as ever warping one building after another. Artanis, glad all if over, stands beside Zeratul's dragoon and they look at the distant clouds. Artanis speaks a native language to Zeratul, the dragoon moved slightly. The camera suddenly flies thousands of lightyears away and slows down and the planet Earth comes into view, the UED commander sits in anger after 3 years of no communication from Admiral Dugalle, he has made up his mind and announces to the entire planet of earth that the UED fleet which left earth years ago has been destroyed, and none come back, if they could've, they would already be back. At the main starport, 4 behemoth starcrafts lift off, the size of approximately 10 battle cruisers, left earth. Then the camera shifts to the planet of mars, on the rusty desert, next to a patch of minerals, 2 larva are hidden between them, and in the far distance, a scouting overlord.
The Protoss Campaign is not accepted yet.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Lord_Agamemnon(MM) on 2006-11-17 at 20:24:54
What is this, a campaign you're making? Something we've heard Blizzard is doing? I can't tell...
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Doodan on 2006-11-17 at 20:39:48
So this is a story? If you want your writing critiqued, then it belongs in the Literature Forum.

Report, edit, etc...Posted by Centreri on 2006-11-17 at 20:59:31 is making an expansion for Starcraft, and this is the storyline, which he wants SEN members to comment on.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by smasher25 on 2006-11-20 at 02:57:46
yes exactly I think this guy wants people to comment on this, and I'm part of the storyline team, but really we're practically changing the Protoss Campaign so I dont think people should comment on that yet, just the changed one.

Btw are you part of the team? if so what's your username on there?
Report, edit, etc...Posted by lll on 2006-11-28 at 21:42:25
ummm not bad but need more hero missions
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