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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Lord_Agamemnon(MM) on 2006-11-19 at 15:24:20
Well, it seems that we need some good reviews of mods out there, so this is my second one. This time, I'm reviewing ArmageddonCraft, by Voyager7456(MM).

Download Here

I'm revising the judging criteria, originally developed by Corbo(MM) and Killer_Kow(MM) to better fit mini-mods; it doesn't seem fair to judge them on "Content," i.e. completeness, when that's not their goal. Instead, I'll be judging this (and other mini-mods) on "Significance" as described below.

Here are my mini-mod criteria:
Judging Criteria

Was your mod easy to create? was It hard? It will be evaluated by the judges
This will be worth: 15 Points

How much is the gameplay changed?  Am I playing basic SC with one race?  Is it mind-blowingly-different?
This will be worth: 20 Points

How well does your mod run? Does it have Glitches?
This will be worth: 10 points

Is your mod a copy of another mod? This will be highly evaluated.
This will be worth: 30 points

Is Your mod fun? boring? another important thing highly evaluated.
This will be worth: 25 points

So let's get down to business.

I see some pretty tricky effects when I play this. It's not perfect in this, but what is?

Lots of gameplay changes. You certainly can't use regular strategies any more, and the new templates make things fast-paced and exciting. But there are flaws in its changes; see "FUN" for a better description.

Ouch. pinch.gif The units work perfectly, the spells work perfectly, the animations are perfect...but multiplayer games disconnect about half the time for no obvious reason. It's not just me, or my network connection, or lat: it's definitely the game. I'd call that one heck of a glitch. Sorry, Voy, but that one thing kills this score. Fix it and you'll get 10.

I haven't played anything like it before, I'll say that. It's, once again, in Voy's signature style, and the gameplay is radically different, but the units themselves are a bit lackluster and standard.

FUN: 7/25
Another "Ouch." I've played some intense matches with this and some very good ones. But there's a certain problem: Fighters. Mass Fighters. Try buildling Armageddon Devices? Mass Wraiths fly into your base and kill everything else, and your only hope is that you'll get one of those random disconnects. Try building Bombers and Fighters together? Mass Fighters kill them. Workers? Marines? Mass Fighters kill them too. Mass Fighters, the most boring strategy imaginable, beats everything in ArmageddonCraft. Reduce their ground attack and it'll be peachy, but as it stands they're ridiculously overpowered. And fix that darn disconnect bug, whatever's causing it.


Meh. I liked it when I first played it, before my opponent and I realized that we should mass Fighters. If Voy releases a new version, fixing the two aforementioned problems, we'll be good, and it'll almost certainly score 80+. But now, there are two things.

To Voy: Reduce the Fighters' ground attack power. Fix that disconnect bug.

To everyone else: Ban mass Fighters and it'll be an intense, hard-fought battle that you'll enjoy every minute of.

Sure. It's pretty fun.

In a word, no.

So stop worrying. Learn to love the bomb. Until it disconnects you.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by WoAHorde2 on 2006-11-19 at 17:52:01
IN multiplayer, Voy and I didn't have many problems on a 1vs1. But yes, the random dropping is annoying. Good Job Voy, another mod by you!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Voyager7456(MM) on 2006-11-19 at 19:30:09
Thanks for the review, Agamemnon... I'll take the fighter thing into consideration and I have a few ideas about the disconnecting... SC sure likes to make life difficult for modders. tongue.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Deathawk on 2006-11-21 at 17:47:02
Yeah, I was only disconnected once when we played. I totally started the mass fighters strategy mellow.gif They are beatable, though. Mass marines totally owns them.

Disconnects sort of added to the gameplay for me. Usually all of them were in my favor. In a 5 person game, diplomacy can make a big difference, especially with those armageddons tongue.gif Also, I really like the "See the first place person" thing a lot. tongue.gif
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