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Before I begin, I would like to say that if you post any crap here, I'll pesonally come and eat your burgers. angry.gif Also, I'm the ony one that will post in this thread, if you need to discuss my story, PM me, and I will make a new thread about it.

Basically, I thought a fantasy novel could be in a good position among all the science fiction in Starcraft. So here is the first chapter of my novel. The novel will be set in the world Verdii.

Winds of time:Hunted

As the sun slowly descended behind the Kôrr moutains far in the horizon, Lir and his father, Roin, began walking home.
He could smell the soft smell of pine trees, and heard the soft crushing sound of the last of the winters snow under his feet. The spring was finally here. He loosened his wool scarf a bit, and let the cold air stream against his throat. Far away, he heard a lonely bird twittering. He was on his way back from the forest with a sack full of wood. He and his father had been collecting all the dry wood they could find, for their job for the spring celebration in Jardagard was to collect firewood.
"Wonderful, isn't it?" Asked Roin.
"Aye, I only wish it had come sooner," agreed Lir.
"No, my son, don't wish for that. We need the winter as much as we need the crops that grow in our fields. Without it, we wouldn't be able to get the fresh water the fields need."
A little rabbit darted in the woods beside them. With steady aim, Lir's father lifted his shortbow, nocked an arrow, and fired. He hit the rabbit in the side, killing it instantly. "This will make us a good dinner," he said.
They sat down, roasting the rabbit over a small fire they made using a bit of the firewood they had found.
"Delicious!" Roin exclaimed as he took the second bite of his meat.
"Yes. Father, can you teach me how to fire your bow like that? It was amazing! I mean, the rabbait was moving while you shot!"
Roin laughed.
"Some day, son, maybe some day."
As they finished eating, Lir thought he could see a fleeting shadow just left of him. He shrugged it off.

Altha looked at the sun. It was nearing dusk. She had to hurry. Here in the foothills of the Kôrr mountains, all kinds of strange creatures wandered about. If she could only reach a farm or something the like before darkness fell, she would be safe. She started muttering a chant as an arrow whizzed past her ear. She spun around to face her attacker, ready to strike back. The attacker was nowhere to be seen. Another arrow flew past her right side. This time though, she was ready. She shouted: " Warda Liooda!" and the arrow suddenly turned towards the ground, hitting the snow, quivering. Altha could fell the power the spell drained from her as she said the words. Suddenly, she felt a searing pain in her back. She tried to see what had hit her, and saw a black arrow shaft sticking out. Drops of blood fell on the snow beneath her. As she started saying the words that would heal her, she felt someone force their way into her head. It was a mental attack, and she had been concentrating on the arrow. As the attacker pressed his way further into her mind, she saw something lurking in the bushes befind her. It something that wasn't human, that much she was sure, as it moved too swiftly and gracefully to be one. Pain... It couldn't be an elf either, they were allied with the humans. More pain...To her horror, she realized it muset be a- Searing pain, splitting her bones and cracking her skull... She collapsed on the ground, fainted. A swift shadow crept out of the woods accompanied by two soldiers, dragging her body away...

To be continued in the second chapter of Winds of Time.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by lll on 2006-11-28 at 21:34:52
I like it keep it up id like to read me when u wrote more
Report, edit, etc...Posted by CheatEnabled on 2006-11-29 at 08:20:09

Winds of time: Murder in Jardagard

Back in Jardagard, walking down the main road that criss-crossed through the whole town, Lir and Roin delivered their wood to the main fire, which consisted of lots and lots of heaped up firewood. In only two days, the fire would be crackling merrily, accompanied by the sounds of the bards' tales and ballads. Lir espescially liked one bard, Ravnar, and one of his tales about the dark lord Allarth, who ruled over the Dark Elves. This story always gave Lir the shivers.
They climbed up the hilltop in the middle of the town, looking down on the tacthed rooves around them.
"Ah, I can't wait to start burying into the food!" Roin exclaimed.
The spring celebration was known for it's good food, and was one of the reasons many bards grabbed their lutes and their flutes and started moving north, towards Jardagard. Jarnagard was not a very big town, but the people were merry, and they were known for having the best mead in their region.
"Of course, you nearly never think of anything else," Lir teased.
"Hmm, maybe you have a point, but maybe you also would have the same opininon as me if you had faced one of our bad years." Roin was suddenly sad. He never liked thinking about the bad years, and Lir couldn't blame him for that. Once, before Lir was born, his father's family had nearly all been wiped away by starvation. Roins father hadn't survived, nor his bigger brother, Wërr.
As they rounded a corner, a stranger stood before them. He looked poor by the look of his clothing, rags hanging on a skeleton of a man. For some reason, the man hadn't noticed them coming, and jumped when he saw them.
"Run!" he shouted when the shock was gone.
Lir and Roin had stayed to see if the old man would faint, he looked fragile.
"Run!" he shouted again, when Lir and Roin stayed, exchanging glances.
People started walking out into the streets.
"Don't you listen?! Ru-" his sentence was cut dead, and he looked down. An arrow was sticking out between his ribs, evidently coming from nowhere. Lir gasped. Most of the people around stood still, some ran around howling, and some started carrying the man's limp body away from the cobblestoned road.
"What?!" Lir sputtered. Roin hushed him, giving him a hug, a grim expression set on his face. Lirs vision got blurred as he started crying, he had never experienced someone die before. Even though his vision was blurred and he was crying, something caught his attention. It was a black feather that had fallen off the arrow when the old man's body had been lifted. He walked over to it and picked it up. Wiping his eyes on his sleeve, Lir looked at it and thought. Ravnar, the bard, said that the Dark Elves used feathers from black swans for their arrows, and that they were the best marksmen to have walked the Verdii.
Lir thought about this, his sadness turning into cold fear. What if there was a Dark Elf, or worse, more dark elves, in Jardagard? What would they be able to do? He had even heard the Dark Elves could use magic. He snapped back into reality as he heard new shouts. Spinning around, he saw six men falling lifeless to the ground, Roin among them. Roin! Lir's father! How had he possibly deserved this? ...

The story will continue in the next chapter of Winds of Time...
Report, edit, etc...Posted by smasher25 on 2006-11-30 at 02:17:02
Are each of those "Winds of Time: _____" things all divided into chapters? I mean the chapters are waay too short if you post that little parts of information. Every chapter should be longer and take up half the page tongue.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by CheatEnabled on 2006-11-30 at 08:41:45
I make chapters short so you don't have to wait too long between each one.
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