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Report, edit, etc...Posted by smasher25 on 2006-12-05 at 03:21:08
Ok here's my first ever fan fiction story that I wrote when I just began writing, you can find that I've improved significantly when you read the "Rise of the Dominion" series. Yes I know this sucks but it was the first attempt I gave so I guess you guys can see the progress I made when I wrote Rise of the Dominion. So here it is:

Chapter 1
Jim Raynor-the marshal looked out into the darkness inside a cavern with five marines who decided to come along. They have been sent for a mission ordered by mar Sara. Jim Raynor was a member of the Mar Sara, and a leader of a marine force. He was Known as an expert marine, and a great Vulture pilot.

“Nothing’s here” said Raynor. “Why would they send us here?”

“Mar Sara detects an alien force lurking in the depths of this cave.” replied the one of the marines. “Keep an eye out for them.”

“This is a complete waste of time.” murmured Raynor. He fidgeted with his gauge rifle gun.

“The Comsat station doesn’t work on caves, if it did we would not be on this tedious quest.” said a nearby marine.

“Can’t we send some siege tanks to look out for the alien forces?” asked Raynor

“They have their own business Raynor” said a marine, “and stop complaining.”
Raynor leaned against the cold wall of the cavern.

“Did you know that this is my twenty seventh boring assignment?” said Raynor

“We explore Raynor” said a marine “not attack”

“You call this exploration?” complained Raynor “I call it sitting here doing nothing” He kicked the dusty ground

“This counts as defense” said a marine “we also defend, didn’t I tell you to stop complaining Raynor?”

“How could I argue with five people?” said Raynor monotonously “I’m just going to shoot for practice”

“DON’T” yelled a marine. But it was too late-the loud sound of a gun shot echoed off the walls.

Suddenly a monstrous sound came from the distance.

“Now you’ve done it” said the marine. He raised his gun. “What’s that?” A slimy four legged creature with scythe like claws on its hind legs appeared. Then two more emerged from the darkness. Raising their hind legs they prepared to attack.

“Fire! Cried a marine.” The shooting sound of guns traveled deep into the cavern after the battle, a marine was dead, along with the monsters.

“Get a medic here!” cried Raynor”

“It’s no use!” said a marine “That marine’s dead, however we can bring a creature to the science facility for experimenting. Let’s go before more of us get killed”
* * * * *
News of the alien species traveled to every person in Mar Sara. The new alien species were investigated. Sarah Kerrigan was the one who started the investigation.

“Our scientists are testing as much as they can we’ll find out information sooner or later” said Sarah to Raynor.

“Good” replied Raynor “I hope I don’t have to face those critters again. They are the ugliest animals I’ve ever seen.”

“They’re holding a meeting right now. I urge you not to come.” Sarah said.

“Why not?” asked Raynor

“I don’t want you to interrupt, and it’s pretty dreary.” Sarah replied.

“Then I’ll hang out at the science facility then.” said Raynor

“Okay.” said Sarah

After the meeting, Mar Sara decided to hunt for more of these creatures after the scientists discovered more about the certain creature that was captured. No certain action of hunting these creatures were to be made until identification was made. During periods of time Raynor prepared his Vulture, and his Marine suit was polished. Raynor fell asleep in the science facility.

Three weeks later information was found about the creature. The creature was called a Zergling because of the race it belonged to: The Zerg. Raynor was shocked at the part “race it belonged to”.

“You mean there’s more Zerglings?” asked Raynor

“Yes” replied a scientist. “However their weakness has been found.” Firebats would be good against them. And Siege Tanks have a significant effect on them.

“What you said about the race it belonged to, the Zerg” said Raynor

“What about it?” asked the scientist?

“There are different kinds?” asked Raynor

“Sorry to disappoint you, but yes I think there will be many different kind of Zerg we’ll have to face” said the scientist.

Chapter 2
The Hunt

After a weeks rest; Mar Sara traveled into the deserted cavern of Zalawa where the signal were strong for Zerg. They armed themselves with powerful Siege Tanks and an army of Firebats; Sarah Kerrigan was to lead the army; she sensed the envy in Raynor by her telepathic abilities.

“Cheer up Jimmy. Tell you what you can come.”

“Really?” asked Raynor

“You should get into action once in a while so I guess, you do want to come right?” said Sarah

“YES!” cried Raynor “I’ll get my Vulture out”
Sarah grinned.

The Siege Tanks would not fit in the cavern so Infantry units were to attack. Luckily Raynor’s Vulture would fit inside.

“Move cautiously” warned Sarah “Don’t get over confident”
The cold cavern was so dark the troops got out the flashlights. After a long hour a Zergling was found; which was killed without trouble, but later ten more appeared. The Terrans still won.

“This is too easy.” murmured Raynor

“Do not get you guard down” said Sarah “There might be other creature we don’t know of.” After tedious hours of waiting for any Zerg the crew decided to move out until a crashing sound came from the distance.

“What’s that?” said a Firebat. The search crew raised their weaponry. From the distance Zerglings appeared however there were other creatures from the distance. This creature had scythe like claws like the Zerglings. The unusual part was that this creature was taller than Zerglings, and only had a long tail. It had a long and thick skull and a dark and slimy brown colour like the Zerglings. It hissed at them like a snake.

“I don’t know what these other creatures are, but let’s attack” Raynor said he shot a fragmetor grenade out of his vulture. The shot affected the new creature with great force. Once again the cavern filled with battle cries and sounds of battle, this time they had more effect on the Terran crew.
The marines began to attack the Zerglings, while the Firebats started to attack the snake-like creature. After they had annihilated the force, more Zerglings and snake like creatures came out. Firebats raged into the new forces, while the marines struggled to keep their ground from the advancing Zerglings. Raynor was furiously shooting fragmentation grenades at the new creatures.

“Firebats attack the Zerglings, Marines attack the new creature.” Sarah commanded. It worked and many Zerglings were fried, just as the scientists told them. The marines then aimed their rifles at the new creatures and then Firebats advanced against the new creature. Then what looked like a sea of Zerglings attacked. “Firebats block the marines. Don’t let the Zerglings advance on the marines.” Sarah commanded. Her strategy worked very well for the Zerglings were toasted by the Firebats and shot by the marines from long range. Many Firebats died in this wave but they were safe for now.

“Okay everybody…” Sarah said in an uneasy tone she brushed some red hair out of her face. “We better leave because that force of Zerg could have wiped us out. Go! Our defenses are weak at the moment. And bring that new creature to the science facility.” In minutes the crew had evacuated the cavern and the new creature was identified. The new creature was called a Hydralisk. It was Capable of not just using its claws, but spitting immense amounts of needles to kill many enemies, this was why many Firebats died in the battle. The fact that there were many different types of Zerg was true as well. Raynor and Sarah were one of the lucky veterans of the battle.

“I can’t believe I survived!” said Raynor.

“Take it easy Jimmy I know you survived, but there might be more swarms of Zerg.” said Sarah. In half a second an alarm was triggered.

“All troops to defense position. All turrets online! We’re being attacked by mysterious Alien forces!” the announcer said.

“No! Zerg!” Raynor panicked.

Chapter 3
Attack of the Zerg!

“You better make sure it’s Zerg.” said Sarah as they ran to the armory.

“There would be no need.” answered Raynor “What other alien species are there in our area.”
More than seventy Zerglings and Hydralisks were attacking the Mar Sara base. The Marines and Firebats were fending off the Zerg units when more Zerglings were sent. The Mar Sara sent Wraiths to destroy the Zerglings. Zerglings could not attack air units. Mar Sara was on the verge of victory when a swarm of two new Zerg units came into view. One of them had powerful wings that enabled them to fly very fast. It had teeth on the end of its tail, and an evil face on its head. Slime covered it, and it made a squawking sound such as a bird. The other unit was very small, and had small wings as well. It had amazing speed, had no eyes, but had numerous teeth sticking out. It was skin coloured, but had brown fur underneath. Both of these units flew. The large one was identified as a Mutalisk, and the other one was a Scourge.

Since Tanks could not attack aerial units they were given a command to retreat. The Mutalisks shot balls of toxic covered with claws out of its tail to ricochet off a unit, and cause damage to it, and the one beside it. The Scourge only could attack air units, however it suicide to deal deadly damage to the Wraiths. Goliaths were sent to attack the airborne units using their Hailfire Missiles. The beeping sound of the Goliaths, and the windy sound of the Wraiths frightened both forces, but no force would back down.

“Aim at the Scourges!” A commander cried. “Do not back down!” Now the sound of exploding, and death cries filled the arena.

Suddenly a troop of cloaked ghosts came to battle field. The ghosts could not be seen because they were cloaked-they were armed with nukes. Aim had been taken onto the Zerg targets, the nukes would be launched in 10—9—8—7—6—5—4—3—2—1—0! A dozen nukes had been launched into a devastating state, but a new Zerg unit came into view, but it was flying away! It had crab like arms, and many legs. It hovered, and had a thick shell like a ball. It had crab arms attached to it. It had a face much like a Zerglings, and had an interesting design on its shell. The creature was identified as an Overlord. It was a Zerg detector as well as its control, and transport. Mar Sara decided there were a lot to discover about the Zerg.

A month later numerous amounts information about the Zerg had been discovered. The Zerg had surely developed. There were Drones who had pincers on each side of its body, a small tail, and a flat body with many legs to gather resources with. The Zerg produced units out of Hatcheries, Lairs, and Hives-all used to produce larva which become Zerg units. They had numerous defense mechanisms. A Sunken colony which was a slimy large plant with tentacles that deals devastating blows to land units. A Spore Colony another plant which shoots balls of acid into the air to destroy air units. There was an elephant like creature without the trunk, and had massive blades attached to its front part of its body that could slice, and dice ground units. They walked on fours, had the same brownish colour that most Zerg units had, and had thick armor plating. The black eyes filled small units with terror, and had no tail. This Zerg unit was called the Ultralisk. Mar Sara was partly discouraged, but still stood strong.

“The other Terran forces must have trouble with these Zerg don’t you think?” Raynor assumed

“I don’t know if they even seen them yet” Sarah said.

“Who knew the Zerg could have an army such as ours.” Raynor said.

“The mystery is how they came.” Sarah said.

Multiple Zerg bases were found throughout Zalawa and were attempted to be destroyed. The Terran strategist had a well developed plan.

“We shall build up a strike force of two dozen tanks, three dozen marines, a dozen firebats, a dozen Battlecruseirs, and two dozen Wraiths.” “This will allow us to have a balanced force to counter, and overwhelm both air and ground units. The strike force was sent, however a new Terran force was found named the sons of Korhal. The leader of the force was named Arcturus Mengsk; he was also trying to destroy the Zerg. Arcturus decided to join Mar Sara in the expedition against the Zerg. And now was being introduced to Raynor and Sarah. Raynor did not believe, nor trust him, even though he knew a large amount about their history.

“Calm down Jimmy he’s okay. He’ll help us against the Zerg.” Sarah said.

“Help? More like suicide.” Raynor said.

“He has powerful forces” Sarah reasoned. “I’m going to have to wrap this conversation up. We’re receiving a transmission Arcturus.”

“I’ll see to that” Arcturus said.

“Attention! I am sending this transmission to anyone who picks it up. I am General of Alpha team General Duke-with my Battlecrusier NORAD 2. We are being attacked by mysterious alien forces, and need help IMMEADIATELY!” shouted Duke. “I do not know how long we’ll last, but we don’t have much time. Please hel---kzzzzzt.” The transmission ended.

“So” Arcturus said. “We’ll go help”

“ARE YOU MAD!?” shouted Raynor “Do you know how much Zerg is in that area? We’ll be killed before we save him.” Even a for-

“We can save him Raynor” said Arcturus. “We’re talking about Alpha Squadron-the famous powerful force in Terran history. You’ll find out a General of a powerful force like that can prove to be a powerful ally.”

“I thought that Alpha squadron was part of the confederacy. And didn’t you hate the confederacy after what they did to your men ten years ago?” Raynor argued.

“I decided to leave the prejudice alone Raynor.” Arcturus said. “Right now I think power is everything.”

“But that “powerful force” you said about has fallen by Zerg. What
makes you think we can defeat that amount of Zerg?” said Raynor questioned.

“I’ve prepared an ingenious assault plan for the rescue Raynor. You just watch or help.” Arcturus said. He walked away.

“See Sarah? I told you he’s going to lead us to death!” Raynor spat.

Chapter 4
The Rescue Attempt

The forces were prepared, and more information was received they would bring a simple force, and go to the top secret base hidden to save the general.

“So what’s the “ingeeeenius” plan you’ve prepared for us Arcturus? Go to the Zerg and kill ourselves?” said Raynor

“No but after we get to the hidden base destroying any isolated Zerg with our light force, then we’ll start building our demolishing strike force. The General will be found surrounded by high cliffs where Zerg spore colonies are located. The General will hold off the small Zerg forces sent while we build our forces.” Arcturus explained. “Then a powerful strike force will destroy the spore colonies, and destroy any other Zerg while we’re at It.” said Arcturus.

“Wait a minute” Raynor interrupted “How are we guaranteed that our “strike force” will destroy the Spore colonies, the Zerg bases, AND hold off the Zerg forces.” Raynor asked.

“A well-balanced strike force with quality, and quantity can destroy them, we can also keep sending Battlecruseirs to back our forces up. The Battlecruseirs will also use their Yamato guns to destroy the spore colonies in a cinch.” Arcturus explained. “After the Spore colonies are destroyed we’ll send a Dropship with one of us in there, and a few defenses (Just in case), and return him to our base. Then I’ll persuade him to join us either in the base or persuade him over transmission, he’ll have no choice but to join us.” Arcturus finished

“Well good luck with the suicide. I hope you die in honor.” Raynor joked. Arcturus ignored him.

“Raynor I did not tell you this time-consuming plan for nothing!” said Arcturus suddenly. “I want you to go into the Dropship and guide the General back, using my transmission-I’ll persuade him to join us.”

“What!? I wouldn’t go and help even if it depended on Duke’s life! I
won’t go and save him; never! It’s your plan you go act on it! I won’t go to that area and die like you will! Besides I hate the confederacy just as much as you did before. I’m not going!” Raynor shouted.

“Raynor you know you have to go.” Arcturus said

“And why should I?” asked Raynor.

“You should because this is your chance to prove yourself to me. This is your chance to earn my respect, and show me that you are a warrior. I always thought you were some kind of joke.” said Arcturus

“Well it’s been a bit uncomfortable you not listening to me so fine I’ll go. But this is the last time I am participating in your perilous plans.” decided Raynor.

“Good job” laughed Arcturus “You already look brave at the moment.”
* * *

“I hope you’re ready” said Arcturus.

“Yeah I am whatever” said Raynor. They were in the area the transmission came from, and Raynor with his light strike force were talking to test the transmitter.

“Just make sure that you don’t get killed Jim” warned Sarah thorough the transmitter.

“I’ll make sure okay? I’ll start beginning the assault.” said Raynor. So the first phase of the plan had begun. The forces destroyed any lone forces with ease. They moved quickly until they reached their hidden base. The solders gave a warm greeting to Raynor and his force.

“We have already prepared most of the forces Arcturus wanted us to build” said a commander “all we have to do is survive a little bit more while I build up more forces.”

“Let some troops keep watch” commanded Raynor.

Then cries of battle were sounded in the distance.

“The Zerg found our base! Everyone must fight!” shouted the commander.

“There’s too much!” yelled Raynor over the battle sounds. “We’d better run!”

“Look at all we’ve built! We can’t back down now!” said the commander

“Do what you wish! I don’t have time to argue” said Raynor.
After an enormous battle the base was mostly reduced to rubble. A few structures were standing, but many units were destroyed.

“We’re dead!” said Raynor through the transmitter. “It’s your entire fault Mengsk!” There was no reply. “Arcturus? Arcturus can you hear me?” panicked Raynor. Sarah’s voice came instead. “Arcturus knows Jimmy” calmed Sarah, “He’s off sending some kind of indestructible army to your aid. I don’t know what he means, but it’s probably something good.”

“It better be, or I’m going to die here” said Raynor. “Guys! We’re going to protect the remains of this base until stronger forces come. I just hope they aren’t taking to long.”

Chapter 5
The Struggle

Back in General Duke’s base they were going through a constant struggle to protect NORAD 2, and General Duke.

“Get this Bunker fixed!” commanded Duke “I just hope we’ll have enough minerals to keep fixing it to last.” he looked at the dusty ground “I’ve sent 121 messages to bases in the distance, and no one’s coming to the rescue. It’ll just have to end in this sandy canyon.”

“Don’t lose hope.” said a fellow marine “I’m sure we’ll be rescued sooner or later” Then a mix of Zerglings, and Hydralisks started attacking the base.

“Have any hope now?” Duke said “Our defenses are weakening” Just then a few wraiths came and reinforced Duke’s forces.

“Are those yours?” a marine asked.

“No!” exclaimed Duke. “What a relief somebody knows were here. We’re going to be rescued!” Duke didn’t care about him being wrong about “No hope” he just cared that he might be rescued. But then the Wraiths were shot down from the air from a group of Hydralisks.

“Can we hold?!” shouted Duke over the loud sound of battle.

“Yes!” a marine shouted back “The wraiths sure helped us get rid of the Zerglings!” Duke got into his Siege Tank and but did not use *Siege mode. He was afraid he would hurt his only marines he has at his moment for it was like an explosion. He shot blast of missiles, until all of them were dead.

“Hang in there!” said Duke. “For all we know there might be more of these alien species coming to assault us.”

“What in the world are these aliens anyway?” asked a marine.

“I have no Idea.” snapped Duke. “We’ll ask questions later after we get rescued… IF we get rescued.”
* * *

Back in Raynor’s base a group of Ultralisks attacked their base. Ultimately fierce and powerful, they dealt a fine amount of damage along with the amount they have to Raynor’s base.

“Hold your positions!” Raynor commanded “by the way we need more bunkers.”

There hadn’t been any more progress than when it started. The most they could do was scout out Duke’s base. A group of Wraiths found it during a period of attack, fought gallantly in battle and died. Luckily Raynor had pinpointed the location and knew where the base was located. Now all they had to do is send a rescue crew to the base, rescue Duke and come back out alive. But it wasn’t that simple, he would have keep the base he’s in standing while he was at it.

“Prepare siege tanks!” shouted Raynor “keep them in siege formation!” there were only five to seven siege tanks standing, but it was worth trying because they had already killed five Ultralisks with a help of Raynor’s Vulture. The rest of the Ultralisks were blowing up supply depots. Then a group of ready Wraiths attacked the Ultralisks, they did not seem to be able to attack the Wraiths.

“That’s it!” exclaimed Raynor. “Ultralisks are demolishing in land but are pathetic when dealing with air! Air is their weakness!” Raynor thought. “Prepare to attack full force with every ounce of air borne strength you’ve got! We’re going to need that strength regardless of any flaws.” commanded Raynor. Then more Wraiths joined the fight, soon victory against the Ultralisks was theirs, however the Ultralisks had slaughtered many marines, and devastated structures. Raynor was facing a problem this way; he could not go with the plan and therefore not rescue Duke.
“This is hopeless” Raynor thought. “I need a miracle”

“All SCVS gather minerals and by the mother of the Terran race we need more time.” Raynor said. All SCVS began gathering minerals.
“Build supply depots as well!” commanded Raynor. Some SCVS began to replace the supply depots destroyed by the massacre of the Ultralisks. “Arcturus had better have made this plan fool-proof” Raynor thought.
* * *
It was a few months later. In the base the SCVS had gathered enough minerals to build ten more bases; Raynor thought this was enough to start building like crazy.

“Okay guys let’s start building, and training more units for all we know the Zerg could attack any moment.” said Raynor. Then a group of Hydralisks, Mutalisks, and Ultralisks attacked Raynor’s base full force.

“No not now!” Raynor said “Not when we are preparing to destroy them!” The defenses were being obliterated by the full force, after all only resources were gathered, and units barely made.

“MOVE BACK” Raynor yelled and panicked “Set and fight to the death if you have to!” Raynor thought about what he said fight to the death? That meant him to, but how could he die involved in a plan of a silly man?

“Sarah will know it was Mengsk that killed me” Raynor thought angrily.
Raynor then charged into battle “the battle that was not expected to be won” the cries of Terrans and Zerg propelled him. Raynor shot fragmentor grenades out constantly at all the Hydralisks he could see, it was then he saw the Zerg aiming at his vulture until he saw HP gauge of his Vulture lowering until BOOM the Vulture exploded. With skill Raynor jumped away from his vulture just in time.

“Arcturus is going to pay if I get back there.” Muttered Raynor, he swiftly put on his marine suit and found a safe location to snipe at. There was a problem so many structures were destroyed including most of the supply depots they built. The number of marines killed had dramatically increased. There seemed to be less siege tanks and Wraiths. The Zerg now headed for the SCVS and the command center. It was then Raynor spotted another gigantic army in the distance advancing into his base.

Chapter 6
The Reinforcements

At first Raynor wanted to cry out in frustration but when he observed the army he found out that it wasn’t Zerg. It was more Terran troops. Then he heard Arcturus’s voice on the transmitter.

“Hey Jim are you there? I’ve been trying to talk to you but I was too occupied with the army that arrived about now pretty impressive huh?” said Arcturus.

First Raynor wanted to ask him questions, but then when he looked at the army he could not speak. The army was perfect with dozens of siege tanks, tens of Valkeiries, Wraiths, quite a few Science Vessels, large groups of marines Firebats, even a few Battlecrusiers. There was possibly most of all the Terran units imaginable. The army then rushed out into battle and met the Zerg. The army Arcturus made drew all the attention of the Zerg away from the base and into battle; Arcturus’s army seemed to be annihilating the ferocious Zerg.

“Okay Arcturus you answer me!” Raynor shouted into the transmitter “why haven’t you told me that you were going to send me this army? I WAS WORRIED SICK!”

“I thought Sarah told you.” replied Arcturus.

“She did, but in all this tension and the entire struggle we went through I forgot” said Raynor “you could’ve at least sent me a transmission to notify me of that army so that I don’t feel like I’m going to die in a few seconds.” said Raynor

“Our team was all occupied with the army.” Said Arcturus “I don’t think I would run all the way from the Starport to the Command Center for a transmission to you Raynor”

“Well why didn’t you send a transmission to the Command Center for them to send a transmission to me? I don’t care who sends me a transmission as long as it’s important.” said Raynor.

“It was a Starport without a Control Tower Raynor. I was building Wraiths” said Arcturus.

“Fine then!” grumbled Raynor “you’re off the hook this time, but next time you better find a way to get a message to me, oh wait there won’t be a next time because this is the last mission I’m doing for you.”

“Of course I get the message, now complete this mission for me and you won’t have to do anything for me ever again.” said Arcturus.

“I can’t wait until this is over” said Raynor. He looked at the battle in the distance, to find a large amount of Zerg carcasses lying on the ground, but the battle was still happening. “Here’s a last message for you Arcturus before I resume my mission” Raynor said “YOU OWE ME A NEW VULTURE!” Raynor shut the transmitter off. Then he heard a hissing sound behind him, he could feel what it was, it was a Hydralisk right behind him. With great speed he jerked behind him, and dodged a needle spit from it, and then it raised its scythe-like claw and hissed for attack. Raynor moved a distance away raised his gauge rifle, and shot the Hydralisk in a machine gun fashion. Then he saw two Zerglings which raised its hind legs to prepare to attack but Raynor once again shot them down. It’s a good thing some of the Zerg prepare a warning before they attack. Raynor thought, however the next Zerg he approached did not prepare a warning before attacking. Raynor was saved by nearby siege tanks. He then saw a Mutalisk in the air; and, hid in a bush, aimed, and shot furiously at it until it was shot from the air. Raynor looked at his ammo-meter. It read 12/500:0 not good. The first 12 meant it had only twelve mini bullets in it. The 500 meant its capacity, and the 0 meant the amount of cartages of bullets it had left in it. Since Raynor’s gauge rifle shot fast like other marines, it shot about ten bullets per second. Raynor knew he needed more ammo, and would need more cartage of bullets back at the command center. He would need to make the trip back and go through the mass of Zerg still in the battle. Raynor turned on his transmitter.

“Hey is there a leader there?” Raynor said into the transmitter

“This is the leader of Arcturus’s Reinforcements” Raynor heard an answer.

“Look this is mission commander Raynor.” Raynor continued, “I’m in a Marine suit, and I urgently need to get to our Command Center in order to grab some cartages of bullets for my gauge rife. I need your forces to cover me until I get to the Command Center. I’m in the small bush where most of the Zerglings are.”

“Got it Raynor” replied the leader. “I’m sending forces to you; make sure you’re not discovered by Zerg.”

“Okay” said Raynor. I hope they hurry up so that I stay hidden. It was about 12 minutes until Raynor then saw a group of Siege Tanks in siege mode slaughtering the Zerglings with Wraiths in case of Air units. Raynor spotted a group of marines coming to him.

“The coast is clear” whispered a marine “you can come out now.” Raynor ran from the bushes, a group of marines was covering him. Raynor then saw two different types of Zerg air units; one was like a flying crab with all its arms and legs extended to its front. It moved very slowly, and had a texture more like the Overlord; it seemed to be capable of long distance attacks from the air to the ground. It shot toxic balls which dealt a large amount of damage to ground units. The other flying Zerg unit looked like a slug curled up, except it was flying and had many creases. It had a two large ear, and a bug-like face. Out of a large crevice it shot a gigantic toxic spore that seemed to make all air units weaker. Then Mutalisks reinforced the new Zerg air creatures. Raynor stopped and took an analyzer and analyzed the new Zerg creature which attacked the ground unit, but a fellow marine stopped him.

“Raynor, we can analyze this creature after the battle, our priority is to get you back to the Command Center safely.

“Oh right.” said Raynor. He stopped the analyze process. The slug-like air creature and the Mutalisks seemed to be devastating the wraiths until all of them fell. A marine got out a transmitter.

“Sir we have a serious air problem because the wraiths seem to have been destroyed and now Mutalisks and two new flying creatures seem to be destroying the siege tanks, Vultures and Marines. We need air support, not Goliaths because one of the new units seem to be destroying land units before they can even get close, by the way they’re air units I guess I already told you that.” The marine shut off the transmitter. “Reinforcements are coming, but you have to stay safe. Raynor saw a new creature coming to them it shot a toxic ball at another marine until he fell. Raynor sneaked quietly up to it and shot it with precise aim which made it fall. His ammo-meter now kept flashing NO AMMO! And the meter kept making beeping sounds such as the one computer made when there was an error. He knew all the other marines with him had different types of cartages that wouldn’t fit Raynor’s gauge Rifle. Raynor’s only hope of offense lay back at the command center where his ammo was waiting. Marines were falling quickly and they were having trouble standing up again. Some never lived to stand up because they were bombed by the new Zerg creature.

“How much time do you have?” Raynor asked.

“Not much I don’t think we can-” his voice cut off as he was stabbed by Hydralisks. Raynor then knew he had no choice but to run for his life to the command center. He saw that the new Zerg creatures had their attention drawn to a different side. THIS WAS HIS CHANCE! He rushed and ran as fast as he can with Zerglings on his tail, and barely dodging the Hydralisks’s acid spit. Then Raynor saw a building in View, but it didn’t look exactly like a command center it looked like a mutated one.

“What the” Raynor felt bewildered, but had to move quickly to dodge the Zergling’s razor-sharp claws. He then saw Firebats rushing to his aid, and quickly they slaughtered the Zerglings.

“Sir a new Zerg creature seemed to have infested the Command Center.” said a Firebat.

“Not another new Zerg creature” Raynor moaned. The Firebat pointed at an ugly flying creature with triangular shaped wings.

“We’ve seen these creatures before at Mar Sara and analyzed it as the Zerg Queen. It can inject parasites, spawn broodings, ensnare groups of units, and even infest our command centers.” The Firebat explained.

“And I guess that’s what it did to OUR command center didn’t it?”

“Yes” said the Firebat.

“So I lost a few cartridges of bullets and risked my life getting here, this is bad” said Raynor. “But it can’t hurt us can’t it?”

“You’ll have to see for yourself look!” said the Firebat. Raynor felt devastated at the sight. Mutated Marines which looked like they had gooey plants growing out of them jumped into units in a cloud of toxic gas which did an awful lot of damage, enough to destroy a supply depot in one explosion.

“NO!” said Raynor at the devastation. Then a group of Siege Tanks attacked the infested command Center and destroyed it, and it stopped the wave of mutated marines. Then a Firebat threw five cartages of bullets at Raynor.

“These are the ones you need right?” asked the Firebat.
Raynor looked at them and said, “Yep I thought I lost them at the Command Center, thanks.” He reloaded his gauge rifle and now the ammo meter showed MAX.

“We must defend this base well, this is our only hope!” Raynor shouted over the sound of battle. “Bring Valkyries to combat the flying Zerg!” A wave of Valkyries combated the Mutalisks, and the other air creatures as Raynor commanded. It was pretty effective. Then Raynor heard a large amount of Zerg screeching, over the immense amount of dead Zerg carcasses and saw the Zerg started move back. The Zerg had retreated.

Chapter 7
The Assault

Raynor let out a cry of joy and a victory shout was heard among the Terrans. People cheered, laughed, and talked happily about their victorious battle.
Later people had gathered into a speech Raynor was going to make.

“I’d hate to interrupt your little party,” Raynor said over the microphone. His tone
was happy, not commanding. “But we have a mission to fulfill, for all we know we must rescue Duke as soon as possible or we’re Zerg food.” A sound of agreement was heard. It was best that they worked quickly for Duke was alive, but his base barely.
* * *

“Whoever that is trying to rescue us is sure taking a long time.” Duke commented.

“Well we’ve been left in peace for a while so I guess the Zerg has given up.” Said a marine.

“We’ll find out when our scout comes back.” Duke said. A Ghost then came running through the vast cloud of dust. His invisible body was slowly fading into view for he turned off his cloaking device.

“Terrible news,” The ghost said. “It seems their attention was distracted towards something else. I couldn’t get a glimpse of what was happening but it seems like they were doing battle with another army.” The ghost explained. “But we need to hasten to prepare out strongest defenses. The rest of the Zerg survivors are heading our way.”

“Weren’t they wiped out during their battle?” Duke asked curiously.

“No, they just retreated.” The Ghost replied. “I had to scram immediately when I saw detectors heading my way.” Already siege tanks were forming into their siege modes, and goliaths were preparing to defend. Duke’s small force had spotted the advancing Zerg army. Then the vicious army struck bunkers. The battle had begun.

* * *

“This is where we attack the Zerg base full force.” Raynor yelled over the speakerphone. “By life or death we shall not leave until we emerge victorious from the battle.” Raynor announced over the speakerphone in a very bold way. Yells of agreement were shouted over the Terrans.

“Arcturus I am beginning the attack on the Zerg hive cluster. Prepare to see a true commander.” Raynor said into the transmitter.

“Very well.” Arcturus replied. “I see your confidence is rising” Back at the base the new Zerg creatures had been analyzed and the crab like creature was identified as a guardian, and the slug-like creature that could only attack air was identified as a Devourer. Raynor decided to start the attack.

Raynor commanded the group into a phalanx like position. Marines marched in various rows; firebats aided them, followed by the rest of the survivors of the last battle.

Raynor approached the first hive cluster with caution. He knew that the Zerg could burrow and hide underground and suddenly jump up to surprise approaching units. There were no burrowed Zerg hidden in this hive cluster; however there were a numerous sunken colonies and spore colonies littered out on the creep. The tentacles of the sunken colonies sensed danger and struck at the marines. The large amounts Terran infantry surrounded the sunken colonies and totally demolished them; however infantry was lost in the attempt to destroy the defensive structures. Scouting Ghosts also found spore colonies which explained the loss of one of their Battlecruisers. They then found the hive where the drones gathered resources and transported. Raynor issued an order to first take out the sunken and spore colonies for they could inflict heavy damage on their units. This gave the Zerg an early warning that their bases were being attacked. Soon large swarms of Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Devourers blocked Raynor’s way into the second base. This delayed their journey to the next hive, however Raynor realized that their army size were weakening, and with a brilliant strategy he sent the away by creating a diversion. He then attacked the hives, and structures used to help spawn the Zerg their units. Guardians, and Devourers decided to fend off their attack, however Raynor was prepared for this and send an anti-air combination of Goliaths, and Valkyries. He issued an order for the infantry to stay back. After the battle carcasses and destroyed pieces of vehicles littered the floor. Soon he came to a pathway where the paths were a complex decision to make. There was a left path and a right path. They both looked like they had the same amount of protection with Sunkens and Spores. He then had an idea to penetrate the defensive colonies without any damage; Raynor sent Siege tanks in siege mode. In siege mode Siege Tanks had superior range if only if they had more sight, but overall they were fine as they were. The units then started attacking. The colonies could not reach the siege tanks because they could not move and had less range than them, realizing this, Zerglings rushed to aid in large swarms of hundreds. Raynor had never seen so many Zerglings clumped together, although the Siege tanks could reach far, they could not attack units too close to them, so melee units could mean trouble. The siege tanks killed many Zerglings during the mass attack, however soon they reached the Siege tanks up close and started swiping them viciously with their sharp claws. Then Siege tanks were transforming back to siege mode, but the Zerglings were swift, and destroyed many siege tanks before they could turn into tank mode. When Battlecruisers and Firebats rushed to their aid, the spore and sunken colonies slowed their progress because of all the explosions and loss of units. Raynor told the Battlecruisers to use their special weapon: the deadly Yamato Cannon. They charged up and destroyed most of the colonies in a second. Then the Battlecruisers used an ATS battery attack (the attack on ground) to eliminate the rest of the colonies. The Zerglings were helpless against air units and so focused on the Firebats, however with the Firebat’s splash damage, and that the Zerglings were clumped together it was a large carnage of Zerglings. The Battlecruisers saw a frightening view in the distance. Scourges were approaching. Raynor knew that these suicidal birds could fly straight into an air unit causing devastating effects for them. Especially Battlecruisers, because were vulnerable to the deadly Scourges. Raynor panicked and told the Battlecruisers to retreat, however Battlecruisers were huge, while Scourges were very small. This gave Scourges a great speed advantage and flew straight into the Battlecruisers. Knowing running was useless; Raynor summoned Valkyries, and Wraiths to block the attempt to rid Raynor of Battlecruisers. He could not lose his Battlecruisers because they were very expensive to build and took a long time while the Zerg could spawn Scourges almost as fast as they could spawn Zerglings, and that they were cheap as well. The Wraiths and Valkyries tried to kill the Scourges as fast as they could but the waves were endless. A scouting ghost then discovered there were many hatcheries that were spawning Scourges, and Zerglings knowing that it would hold them. Raynor then got his whole army to mass the Zerglings to make their way to the hatcheries. He soon got the Zerglings finished off, but he would have to make haste to reach the hatcheries. Soon he saw the hatcheries in view but he knew he still would have to wrestle with Zerg armies. The first wave commenced full of Hydralisks Mostly Marines and Vultures were left to combat them. More waved then attacked consisting of Mutalisks, Guardians, Scourges, and Queens. Raynor learned that the Zerg were not stupid, but strategic. After the large battle, Raynor looked at his army. There were not enough units to proceed. He knew that the grand army had been through all sorts of danger. This is when a Marine commander spoke.

“We’ve done a lot Raynor we should really retreat.” He advised.
Raynor spoke with tiredness in his voice. He himself had done some fighting with the Zerg. “Why? Because of our small army you think we should retreat?”

“Yes.” said the commander.

“I don’t think it’s necessary, with a good plan we can achieve victory, and we’ve gone too far to come back now.” Raynor argued.

“But your people are tired and want rest. We can go back not only to rest our men but to rebuild our army too.” The commander said. His words were very convincing to Raynor. Raynor wanted to go back to base, but he had worked so hard to lay ruin to what the Zerg base had now. If he proceeded he could rescue Duke and be hailed hero. If he turned back although he would be safe and be all rested, the Zerg could rebuild their base quickly and Duke would be dead by the time they got to him.

“No” Raynor replied, “we shall go on, and that’s final.” The Marine commander reluctantly obeyed.
* * *

Back in Duke’s base Duke and his base was just surviving. The wave of Zerg on his base had lessened, but his base was still getting weaker and weaker.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to last!” Duke yelled over the rage of battle,

“Just keep going on we’ll last! Stop being so discouraged.” said a tired marine. The attack kept going on and on, and the defending units started to die out.

“Don’t worry we’ll make it” The marine said, but deep down he knew that all hope had been lost. He knew that they wouldn’t last any longer against the Zerg.
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