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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Rabid_Wolf_101 on 2006-12-06 at 21:45:10
The small pick-up truck revved as it sped along the mid-day highway. It was hot outside, and two people were sitting on the hot, plastic seats in the car. The radio was on, playing light rock. A dark-haired teenager sat in the passenger seat, leaning his white, sweaty face against the window. Through the crack on the top, wind rushed in and blew his hair into a wild rush. His blue eyes stared accusingly at the green, mysterious forest on the side of the highway- like something was drawing him there. Suddenly, he saw something hidden by some trees; a building of some sort. He quickly turned to the dashboard then to his dad sitting in the drivers seat. "Dad, I think I saw a gas station behind those trees." He stated, pointing forward at a small opening between two pines. "Good, damn lucky too. We're almost out of fuel. Thanks Son, erm. Kaze." The teenager rolled his eyes. He hated his dad calling him son, so he was trying to make his dad call him Kaze. Just to pay him back when he called him Son, Kaze called his father by his real name; Hoven, but he didn't call his dad by his real name that time because he had corrected himself. The car swerved to the side and squeezed in between two trees to a hardwood building, pretty old looking. It had no cars out front, but an overturned car on the side- pretty old too. It looked like an old diner, and behind it was an uncountable amount of trees. "Alright, Kaze. Stay here, i'll go see if these guys have any gasoline." Hoven told, but Kaze objected. "Dad, there are no cars here. It looks odd to me. Maybe we should keep going. I cant even see through the diner windows, they're covered with dirt." "Alright then, you come with me Kaze. Come on. If you're so afraid come on in, i'll protect you!" Hoven said sarcastically. Kaze rolled his eyes again. He hopped out of the old, navy blue Ford F150. He stuffed his hands into his blue jeans and followed his dad to the already open door. His dad took out a small flashlight and shined it around in the first room inside. There were tables scrunched toghether, about ten of them. The tables had dusty chairs leaning against them, and the bar counter was to the side. Broken glass was everywhere on the ground, even on the counter there was alot of broken glasses and bottles. It looked like whoever left there had left in a hurry; big hurry. This is too creepy. I really want to leave. This place smells like stale beer. Kaze thought, but before he could protest against his dad, Hoven walked in and pulled out a couple of chairs. "You know how we've wanted to open a diner? This could be the place." He said happily. Kaze stood there, a frown painted onto his face. He didn't like the idea, nor the temperature of the building. It was way too cold to have no AC and be in the middle of the west in summer. It felt like it was winter in the building, and it actually made Kaze shiver. Kaze sat down beside his father anyway, and they began talking about where to find fuel. They took out a road map and began discussing, but before long it all fell apart when sounds began to start up. Scoots could be heard, and immediately Kaze stood up, his eyes wide with terror. He looked around, and saw nothing had changed. His father was looking at him like he was crazy- until it began to happen. The chairs all fell off of the tables they were leaning on and fell upright onto the ground and began to scoot rapidly around the room, Hoven ran to the entrance and urged his son towards him- but in the frenzy of the chairs Kaze was completely lost. He headed for a door next to the bar counter, looking for a way to get out- no matter what happened. He came face to face with a room full of old radios, jukeboxes, and televisions. It looked like a storeroom. He sat down, his head pounding rapidly. Then he heard music. The radio dials began to turn, and music chatter began to sound through the room. The jukeboxes began to slowly flip the CDs. Then everything stopped when Kaze felt about to faint. A large, ear-splitting screech sounded as three hovering red balls began to circle Kaze. He screamed and smashed the window open, cutting his hand. He jumped out and ran to the ford, his father still at the entrance calling for him, but then turned around when the Ford Door slammed. Hoven slipped into the car and they began to go in reverse towards the highway. They turned on the highway, the screeching could be heard behind them, and crashes as well. They began to speed away on the highway, their eyes wide and bulging with fear. But one thing was wrong; they were heading dead on the wrong lane and an eighteen wheeler was rocketing towards them, the horn blaring. The impact was the last thing Kaze ever heard in his life. The cargo, large sheets of metal, rocketed forward from the carriage in the back of the wheeler and impaled the ford in the front. Hoven ducked, but Kaze stood there in a daze. A sheet of metal launched straight into the car- and hit Kazes neck. With a gush, the metal kept going through and eventually stopped in the back seat. Kaze's limp body leaned over, the window red with blood. And at that point in time, Hoven looked over to see his son gone. Dead. His head lying in the back seat. Hoven grew pale, and couldn't take his eyes off the gruesome sight.

((The beginning on this part is weird. Keep reading and you'll get it,))

Kaze's eyes opened, a blonde haired girl looking down on him with a tilted, questioning face. She jumped when she saw his blue eyes. The girl had blonde hair down to her lower back, and she was wearing a white dress. Her yellow eyes stared down on him, and she didnt have a look of happiness nor sadness on her face. When she took in that he was awake, she smiled. "Oh, you're awake. I was worried you would be trapped in between with her, most don't appear asleep Kaze's eyes questioned her. He scanned her and hopped up, his back aching horribly badly. She stood up as well, off of her hands and knees and looked up towards him, standing at his chest. Kaze rubbed his eyes; he felt horribly tired. All he could do was ask. "Trapped? Her? Asleep? Appear?" His eyes felt heavy, but he forced them awake. "Oh. You don't understand. Hmm. Well I guess i'll have to explain it? My name is Eisha. I'm a spirit here. Now you are too. I saw you're terrible accident; you're dad is terrified of what he saw when he looked at your body. And there was a girl several thousand years ago who died, but we never received her departed soul; and she had no reason to haunt anywhere." She explained sheepishly. Kaze still looked with questioning eyes. Eisha sighed. "You still don't get it? You died, and now you're here. In the spirit world. You're a ghost." She told him. Kaze became aware of where he was standing, in the middle of a freeway with ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. Fire burned from a ford F150 and an eighteen-wheeler cabin was shattered in, blood staining the windshield. Nearby he heard some people talking. "Two dead, one injured. One is determined to be John McAid, the other Kaze Somoni. The injured is Kaze's father, Hover Somoni." The medical officer told the cop. Kaze opened his eyes as he was finally aware of what happened. Eisha began to comfort him.

<<To Be Continued>>

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