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Report, edit, etc...Posted by MillenniumArmy on 2006-12-12 at 04:24:48
Whose your favorite NFL Quarterback currently?

No particular favorite, but I like a few:

Michael Vick (Atl. Falcons) - 934 yds, most rushing yards as a QB... damn. Only person that could follow is Vince Young, with 458 yards.
Tom Brady (NE Patriots) - He's my QB for fantasy football. So every game I need to root for him. However, he hasn't been doing too well last few games though sad.gif
Tom Dubree (NO Saints) - Amazing QB. He and reggie bush together are amazing. According to Fantasy Football stats on Yahoo, he is no. 1, closely followed by peyton manning
Vince Young (Ten. Titans) - Not just because he's a rookie from Texas, but because of how well he is doing, as a rookie. Although his stats aren't top notch; he has the second to fewest passing yards. But he's ran the second most rushing yards, as already mentioned above. And two weeks ago, he beat the giants after being down 21 (or 24?) points with just 10 minutes left.
Peyton Manning (Ind. Colts) - Not surprising at all. I really want him to win a superbowl.

There are a few more others, but those are the only ones i feel like writing about now.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Deathawk on 2006-12-12 at 07:20:06
Wow... I really don't like any of the QBs right now, but when I did, I liked Daunte Cullpepper(spelling?) because he helped my fantasy team a bunch, and got me second place(which is a shame, because with 4 more points I would have won..) in my league.

That was like in 2004, lol.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by ReCoN on 2006-12-12 at 21:11:53
Probably Micheal Vick..
Report, edit, etc...Posted by M_s4 on 2006-12-15 at 21:40:25
Drew Brees and Tony Romo.

As you can see, i was REALLLY hyped for that Cowboys-Saints Game. (Saints won =P)

I am a Bears fan, but our QB (Rex Grossman) is the most inconsistent piece of crap ever.

Edit: lol, its Tony Romo, not Tomo Romo biggrin.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by n2o-SiMpSoNs on 2006-12-16 at 11:49:57
Tom Brady
Donovan McNabb
Drew Brees
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mune'R0x on 2006-12-17 at 00:55:10
Daunte Culpepper is my favorite quarterback. He use to be good, as HorroR stated above. That's mainly because I'm a Vikings fan. But I don't know who my favorite quarterback is now.
I guess I like Donovan McNabb cause he has the same name as me.
And Michael Vick cause he can run like his ethnicity made his type.

I dunno if that made any sense... But whatever
Report, edit, etc...Posted by n0b0dy- on 2006-12-20 at 14:42:37
All of the NFL quarterbacks are good, because I couldn't match any of them, so they all own happy.gif especially michael vick
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Yenku on 2006-12-20 at 17:31:17
I dont like football at all, but I've noticed Donovan McNabb's replacement is good.
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