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Report, edit, etc...Posted by A_of_s_t on 2006-12-16 at 00:48:04
Do you believe that a nuclear holocaust, or simply a nuclear winter, shall actually occur?

It could occur, but the nature of humans is to live [unless "brainwashed" into believing they will live on in another life]. During the cold war, America and Russia came to a stand-still when both countries realized that no matter how much money and planning they put into protecting themselves, no one would win [yes, I know that this fact was only one of many reasons the Cold War ended].

Psychology would play an important role in determining if a nuclear holocaust, or nuclear winter could occur, since it would be the difference in behavoir that would determine if people could act in such a destructive way.

In the Quran [Koran], a chapter states [translated]:

"Woe to every backbiter, slanderer,
Who amasses wealth and counts it over and over.
He imagines that his wealth will make him immortal.
Nay! he shall surely be cast into the "hotamah".
And what should make thee know what the "hotamah" is?
Allah's fire as preserved fuel,
Which will leap suddenly on to the hearts.
It is locked up in outstretched pillars to be used against them. "

"Hotamah" means the tiniest of particles. Does this mean that it has been predicted that such an event will happen, or is this coincidence?

I am also sorry if I generalized nuclear holocaust and nulcear winter too much by grouping them together. I do believe that nulcear holocaust actually involves the death of millions while nuclear winter just means the blockage of the sun and the reduction of tempurature.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Lithium on 2006-12-16 at 04:38:35
Uh, coincidential.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by JordanN_3335 on 2006-12-16 at 07:37:47
I believe is the combanants in the next world war or upcoming one in the future should be careful on how they use there nukes. If the war lasts to long of course as a last minute maneuver they will launch death nukes.

And why is the title nuclear holocaust. Its just nuclear winter.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by green_meklar on 2006-12-16 at 11:34:41
Personally I don't expect a major nuclear war. Nuclear strikes in the future will probably be relatively small, involving at most a few nukes at a time. No one can afford mutually assured destruction.

As for nuclear winter, I'm still skeptical that it's even possible. It seems to me that it would take a hell of a lot of nukes to get enough dust into the air to really cool things down. I mean, we've had volcanoes in the past with the power of hundreds of nukes at once, and they didn't cause a volcanic winter.
In the Quran [Koran], a chapter states [translated]:
"Hotamah" means the tiniest of particles. Does this mean that it has been predicted that such an event will happen, or is this coincidence?

omg i ran sum uf teh byble versez thru a comptuer an it mad refarenses 2 911 an gorge bush an stuf OMG TEH WORLD IS ABOWT 2 CUM 2 AN END RAPENT 4 UR SINZ OR UR GOIN 2 HELL!!!!!!1

Face it, people have been reading all sorts of stuff into holy books after the fact. However, so far there have been no patterns more definite than a combination of concidence and reinterpretation would suggest. You can find 'hidden messages' in just about anything if you look hard enough. A million monkeys on a million typewriters sort of thing.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by A_of_s_t on 2006-12-16 at 12:57:02
Also, on the fact that a nuclear winter could not happen is that a). the world has been going through constant cycles of cooling and heating for millions of years [ ex. In Rome, thousands died of starvation when a couple of 'mini' ice ages destroyed crops.] and b). the amount of neccisary explisions to create dust and smoke would be huge, nulcear holocaust would occur before a nuclear winter could take place.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Rantent on 2006-12-18 at 05:24:34
Considering there have only been two nuclear weapons used in a war-like manner, and both by the US, I don't think we are much danger of everyone releasing their nukes. If there is, by chance a nuclear missile crisis, I'm sure there will be attempts to negotiate before more nukes would be launched.

As for the Quran quote, I could really care less.
They were probably talking about desert sands, or at least that people are made up of smaller pieces, and we disintegrate into those pieces when we die. (And become crude oil, if they were really good at predicting.)

On another note I will make a prediction.

We will all turn to dust one day.

Did I predict a nuclear holocaust? That our earth will explode? That we will all simply die and be buried? Nobody can really tell, make all the predictions you want. I'd probably be right on several of them. Call me Nostradamus... ugh.
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