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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-12-17 at 03:16:43
Once again, the contest has come to a close!

As a reminder, November's Theme was Dragons.
Let's get that judging criteria out there again:
Theme (10) - How well does the map fit the theme? Something premade with a few text changes (ie, your horro map from last month which you didn't enter with "ZOMBIE DRAGON" isn't a good idea). This is no longer a static black and white 0 or 10 rating, there will be a range. The map will now be graded on how important the theme is to the central ideas of the map. A map scoring 0 on this won't be graded further, regardless of how well it fits.

Fun (25) - Most of the time, the deciding factor in contest entries. Important for me as I'm playing the map. Am I running around having a good time, or watching a unit talk to itself in a movie? Are there huge bugs that prevent play of the maps? Are there cool new systems and spells and difficulty levels and such things to keep the game interesting? Replay value is a plus for this score. If I ever go to this map again, is it going to be to play it over and over and give to my friends or to delete the scm/scx?

Aesthetics and Professionalism (15) - Did you use one type of terrain tile and no text color? Are there mispellings distracting me at every turn with some poorly made triggers? Hopefully you can create something that looks and feels decent. I'm not asking for extensive extended terrain or hundreds of sprites, a map that seems well-made should score well. On the subject of professionalism, please PLAYTEST your maps before submission. Nothing looks dumber than a map that obviously hasn't been tested. Having lots of bugs will definitely lower your score here.

Dragoncraft by Heegu
THEME: 10/10
A turn-based battle map with dragons. The dragons aren't very powerful though. tongue.gif
FUN: 23/25
A nice battle system and very fun map. Remakes were demanded and happily obliged. Some balance issues took away from it just a little. smile.gif
A bug free and a good game. A couple of balance issues, though. Nice picture in the terrain as well.
TOTAL: 47/50 - First Place! 800 minerals!

Dragon Conquests by Urmom(U)
THEME: 10/10
Become a dragon that evolves and destroys humans, cool.
FUN: 15/25
A very well done map. Unfortunately, it wasn't very difficult by stage 5 and got rather boring. Otherwise, a bug free and very well done map. I didn't have much desire to replay it though. I did, though, and someone died by a cliff, triggering eternal unplacable spam. Not good. tongue.gif
A very well done map with a few minor bugs. There was an occasional unit unplacable error. Also, air armor upgrades started at 0, meaning you could only upgrade once (everything else was 3, so I'm assuming you forgot to set it). I expected more from winning the map because everything was so well done (a text message? please? tongue.gif).
TOTAL: 38/50 - Second Place! 400 minerals!

Dragon Tamers by Grand_Dracolich
THEME: 10/10
Tame dragons to fight other dragons and eventually the other players.
FUN: 17/25
Cool battle system and a pretty fun idea, unfortunately not very well developed. You die way too easily to the bigger dragons, and things aren't explained very well.
Map wasn't put together very well or explained in detail. Needs some balance adjustments.
TOTAL: 37/50 - Third Place! 200 minerals

Eye_of_the_dragon.scx by MicAarZur
THEME: 10/10
A man seeks revenge on a dragon that killed his father.
FUN: 10/25
It was cool to run through, but rather boring. Everything sure looked cool. It just needed more to make it fun. I mean, I got 10000 exp while AFK and it didn't do a thing. A lot of potential.
This was a very high quality map, just not fun.
TOTAL: 35/50 - Honorable Mention! 100 minerals

dragon_catch.scx by 3voLtz
THEME: 10/10
Catch dragons.
FUN: 12/25
Avoid the dragon poop and catch dragons. It's a cool mini-game, but it doesn't have much variation in the game play. It's sort of a bound, and according to the people I've played with, not a very original idea either.
No bugs to note, but nothing exceptional here either.
TOTAL: 35/50

4FierceDragonsRPG.scx by doodle3000
THEME: 10/10
Four colored dragons. Uh oh.
FUN: 13/25
It gets fun once you figure out how to use spells. A good challenge.
You might want to tell us we have to all pick the same beacon to choose a path at the start. Anyway, rename your units!
TOTAL: 30/50

The_Dragon__s_Feast.scx by MageOfMystra
THEME: 10/10
Dragons feast on people before the hunters kill them.
FUN: 14/25
It has potential, but it wasn't very fun.
Map definitely needs some instructions. There was a bug where a dragon got forced into the heal permanently and was blocked by another dragon.
TOTAL: 29/50

Dragons_Attack.scx by Samppa
THEME: 10/10
Dragons are attacking some city. Works for me.
FUN: 12/25
An okay defense type map. Not very exciting, just killing things and waiting. Lots of action, but little variation.
Not much work done in the terrain. A lot of units weren't renamed either.
TOTAL: 27/50

Dragon_Nests_.scm by Laser_Dude
THEME: 5/10
Muta islands with dragons instead of Mutas and Dragon Nests instead of CCs? tongue.gif
FUN: 10/25
It's Mutalisk Islands, which is still pretty fun. Not very much was done to enhance gameplay.
No bugs that I saw. Untitled Scenario.
TOTAL: 20/50

Dragon_Hunt_0.5.scx by ShizTheresABear
THEME: 5/10
Hunters versus dragons. Uh oh. Not very dragon themed besides the unit names.
FUN: 5/25
The map is way too large and unbalanced. Also, a very boring map.
Stim is in no way equal to Hydralisk speed. Terrible balancing. There are no bugs, but that's because there aren't very many features that can have bugs. Too much empty space.
TOTAL: 18/50

THEME: 10/10
Hunters hunting dragons, cool.
FUN: 4/25
Buggy as hell. One player didn't have a ghost. Bunkers for casting things died. Casting only worked once for me anyway. Items vanished. The store was messed. Not to mention we had no idea what was going on to begin with. Balance was also terrible. There was also an infinite cash bug by walling in the SCV in the corner. It has both bugs and potential, and a lot of both. I got a defeat trigger after we defeated the "Master Dragons".
It looked and sounded good, but overall the buginess destroyed this map. Also, the fact that Ghosts deal 25% damage to heavy armor didn't seem factored in at all.
TOTAL: 16/50

THEME: 1/10
Crash after briefing. But dragons were mentioned.
FUN: 1/25
This map maximizes desktop visibility.
Bad grammar in briefing. tongue.gif
TOTAL: 3/50

Much much better than the last contest. This round really highlighted some high qualtiy maps in my opinion. We even had the return of the honorable mention! Thanks to everyone who submitted and all of the testers. The next one is going
to come out really fast, so be on the lookout and ready to start.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Moogle on 2006-12-17 at 03:21:55
Congratz to the winners.

Moose, iR <3 u!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Kookster on 2006-12-17 at 03:44:38
the first place winner I totally agree that map was fun. Its a pitty my starcraft crashed when I was playing with you guys. And man I liked the system in 3rd places map, but i do agree with what you said needs some work. But that system is cool I like it!!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Felino on 2006-12-17 at 03:57:00
Got a small question.

In the map Dragons_Attack.scx by Samppa, what was the thing in the top right corner? Also try using an ai script rather than just 'attack' to 'location'. It was the only map I tested, and I think it was a good map. Well done. happy.gif

After that I got bored and went off and played Sc Chess with some other SENers...
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Heegu on 2006-12-17 at 05:21:08
QUOTE(Moogle @ Dec 17 2006, 11:21 AM)
Moose, iR <3 u!

47/50... Holy sh*t!

EDIT: i just found a bug where Somari the crusader (marine hero) stops in the bridge and wont move anymore. Good that you didn't find it wink.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by [SmC]DiNO-X on 2006-12-17 at 09:53:06

I really knew this! I've made the WORST map, still i'm happy for i took only the last 2 days to create the map. tongue.gif

NOTE: Ain't tested my map on Bnet so its whacked closedeyes.gif

Thanks by testing it anyways. smile.gif

don't make laugh of me please, or i'm going to throw up
Report, edit, etc...Posted by scwizard on 2006-12-17 at 11:09:26
Looking at the results I probably could have gotten an honorable mention, maybe even third place.

Ahh well, I'm learning a lot about CHKs at the moment.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Xx.Doom.xX on 2006-12-17 at 11:35:57
Congrats everyone who participated in it. Great job Heegu, Urmom(U), and Grand_Dracolich! holiday.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by ShizTheresABear on 2006-12-17 at 12:27:47
I don't remember any dragon poop in my map xD
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-12-17 at 12:38:48
Switched your name with 3Voltz somehow. Sorry about that. cool1.gif

EDIT: Really screwed up those entries beyond names. Wow. tongue.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by ShizTheresABear on 2006-12-17 at 12:53:15
Lol. It's all good.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Laser_Dude on 2006-12-17 at 12:54:26
Where's the map I submitted? It's not up there.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mini Moose 2707 on 2006-12-17 at 13:31:53
Oh crap. I never looked into the topic for the contest's attachments. Hold on, adding these entries. tongue.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Laser_Dude on 2006-12-17 at 13:33:06
QUOTE(Mini Moose 2707 @ Dec 17 2006, 11:31 AM)
Oh crap. I never looked into the topic for the contest's attachments. Hold on, adding these entries. tongue.gif

lol, for a minute I was worried there.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Grand_Dracolich on 2006-12-17 at 14:13:49
Hah, 3rd place, story of my life.

Oh well, 3rd place was all I wanted anyway, and I never expected to beat Urmom(U). Congrats the the only 2 (out of 11!!!!) who beat me.

And my friend MageofMystra only wanted to get an honorable mention tongue.gif.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Urmom(U) on 2006-12-17 at 15:51:46
Nice job Heegu. 47/50 is impressive. smile.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mp)Blu on 2006-12-18 at 11:04:24
Congrats to Heegu! I want to play ur map now happy.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Grand_Dracolich on 2006-12-18 at 15:09:15
Hey Moose, if you could stop by my map showcase thread and specify exactly what needs fixing and explaining, I'd be really grateful. I'm not done with a map until people stop reporting bugs, balance issues and suggestions.
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