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The words of what, where, when, and how collided at intersections in his mind. He opened his eyes to a soft bright glow illuminating from a tree at a slight distance, perhaps a few dozen feet, he couldn't tell. Although its distance was obvious, its presence felt so close, it was in him as a part of him. The tree was covered with small leaflets and seemed incomplete. Sections were unfinished rather than dead and other areas were joyfully crowded.

He searched the floor--not for anything in particular, the floor just felt like a platform he'd never felt before. It wasn't hard like some sort of asphalt or concrete, nor was it soft like a bed of feather or cotton even though it seemed pure white, but instead, it almost felt as if it wasn't even there at all!

He stood up. The ground began to give way until it gently surrounded his feet, supporting them. At a distance he saw the back of a woman, tall and slender with long black hair. He drew a breath and called to her. Silence fell peacefully over his voice. He looked down, attempting to speak under a whisper. Nothing. He thought, "Why can't I talk?!"

"Because you need not to talk." Replied a different voice from that of his own, "Come. Be closer to me."

He looked up at the woman. She turned her head over her shoulder. She had a pale skin complexity and beautiful eyes that mysteriously caused him nostalgia. Rich small green leaves covered her bosom, leading a trail of patterns over her torso then covered her hips. "Come." She repeated in his head.

He only stared blankly for a moment when his feet seemed to have their own ambition to bring him before her, and moments later, he was. "Is this woman talking to me?" He asked himself.

"Yes, you need not speak for we can communicate through thought."
A surge of invasion of privacy and insecurity suddenly rose about it, but a quick sensation of peace settled in before he could even react upon the former.
"Where...?" He tested.

"You are here in, Serujim, a world spouse to that of yours."
He thought a barrage of questions not directed toward her, but rather to himself as he would normally think.

She tilted her head with a slight smile and a gaze that seemed impossibly soft. And it does. She drew a breath and gently blew it to his face. A warm breeze felt across his cheeks and danced in his hair and when he'd opened his eyes, the scenery had changed.

Terrified screams and shouts entangled with hysterical laughter shot woke him. Hundreds of people littered the streets. Cars filled the streets without order, many of them wrecked. Children sat and cried as their parents, men and women alike, fought over possessions of merchendise. It wasn't an ordinary fight. Both sides seemed to have the enraged to the point of murder. Further down the street a woman laid in a pool of blood. An example of what was to result of this fight.

There were no police sirens, only security alarms set off by intruders.
Gunshots could be heard, but barely noticeable over the other noises. Shouts and screams and mechanical noises overwhelmed whimpers of those who've crawled beside a wall with their arms over their knees.

Strangely, through the chaos, he saw some who stood in peace. Their bodies emitted the same glow from that of the tree. Desparate hands and bodies attempted to be in the glow, but were repelled. He looked at himself and notice that he was also glowing. The others tilted their heads to the sky, each seemingly peaceful and listening to comforting instructions or announcements. He then noticed the sky.

The sky was bright red and from a distance came dark clouds advancing incredibly fast toward the city. Soon it was covered in black clouds--not of rain, but of ash. He looked back down to the ground and realized that there was no more noises. Everything and everyone except those who glowed were covered by a sea of gray ash. Soon fiery rocks of all sizes shot from the sky, creating countless craters and clouds of mushroom when they hit, throwing debris and torn bodies into the air. Everywhere, buildings collapsed and the ash accumulated. Amazingly, all the glowing people rose at least a foot above the ash.

From his side he noticed one of the meteors was on set course to him. He only had time to turn his head to find the meteor a few inches from his face. There wasn't even time to close eyes. The rock fell through without touching him and fiercly into the ash below. He stood amazed, staring at where it had hit.

In the darkness of the ash, everything began to glow. Soon, all was so bright in his vision, there was no distinction from one thing to the other. When he had come to, he was where the floor was weird with the glowing tree and the woman in front of him still. "What was that!?"

"It was the Regeneration." Her soothing voice replied.
"Yes. That was the Regeneration... What you called 'Earth' is Father, and Serujim is Mother. Our parents alternate turns taking care of us, Their children."
"Humans...?" He asked.
"No, not just humans, but all the trees, animals, even rocks are their children." He nodded, even without comprehension of what is being told to him. She continued. "Father has grown tired over the recent centuries. When He becomes too tired, he has to go into Regeneration. During Regeneration, Father cleanses his body of all bad things, including the rotted fruits that fell from Him and sends Mother the seeds of all good things. Mother will take care of all until she, too grows tired. By that time, Father must have Regenerated... elsewise, Life will be no more."

--temp ending

Ok, I woke up at 5:00 AM (it's now 7:30) and grew hungry and slightly tired, so I'm going tos top here for now. But for those of you who want to know what happens next, I'll give a quick briefing of what's happening and what will happen.

Here we go (probably going to be longer than what I wrote above...)

There are two worlds, Earth and Serujim. Earth is the Father and Serujum is Mother. They're the parents of all things (you, me, squirrels, trees, ect). They take turns taking care of their children. When one grows tired, the other takes care of them, but the transfer of children is a process known as Regeneration. When one of the parents go through Regeneration, in this case, the Father, he cleanses his body through armageddon (in the story above, it was through volcanoes and meteors) of all that is bad and evil and sends the rest of good and kindess to Mother so she can have a nice clean beginning. Those of good and such are those people who were glowing... they were those live ways they truly believe were best for themselves as well as others. All others who pillaged and fought and left their children were of sin without redemption.

So anyway, while Father Regenerated, Mother tended the children. Later, the woman explains how Father was doing fine for, in physical time, millions of years, but until recent centuries, he grew stressed and tired. And that would later be symbolic to humans and their abuse of resources and their accumulation of a thing I personally created, "Collective Sorrow" (I'm sure someone else had some sort of theory like this before though). And as they did that, they killed the children of Father and also drained his energy (oil and water) and polluted it with greed and power.

The tree and its leaves symbolizes the collection of goodness. A bunch of processes had to be gone through, so the tree wasn't done growing leaves, leaving some branches naked while others lush. The location he was at was the a kind of transit for the transfer from one world to the other. I have a few ideas of who the woman is, but I haven't settled with one yet.

So that's how the story will go...

I don't read much or watch many movies, so if these things have been written about, well, my bad tongue.gif
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