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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Corbo(MM) on 2006-12-27 at 16:22:29
As this is a Clan, (obviously), And is hosted at SeN. It affects us.
Like it or not we have to accept this new policy tongue.gif But Thanks to DTBK that has been very comprehensive to the part of Modding Clans.
Anyways, I decided to make the life easier to every person and tried to compile the information they require

This post will be set as invisible unless Clan leaders accept it's useful (I do think it's useful)

An active member list accurate to within 14 days of the audit including, but not limited to all active members with SEN accounts, their SEN user names, and a link to their profile. Clan members without listed SEN usernames are not recognized by Staredit Network as clan members when counting to membership and activity quotas.

I do not really know what this means happy.gif But here is the member list

Voyager7456[MM] (Active)
FaRTy[MM] (Active)

- Executors assist the leaders with the running of clan affairs.
Corbo[MM] (Active, And sexy tongue.gif)

- Regular members of Clan [MM]
EzDay[MM] (Hmm.. Active I Guess)
Blazinhero[MM] (No Idea who he is)
Doodle77[MM] (Active)
Darktossgen[MM] (Active?)
NinjaMonkey[MM] (No idea who he is)
M.r.bob[MM] (Inactive?)
Slyence[MM] (Recently posted he's back, but who knows)
Ian[MM] (Active)
killer_kow[MM] (Active)
Torrasque[MM] (Inactive)
Serenity[MM] (Inactive)
Lord_Agamemnon[MM] (Active)
Kookster[MM] (Active)

With a total with 10 Active members and 6 possibly inactive

Five members active (logged in) in the 30 days before the audit, two of which are of Regular status or better.

Easy to pick them up, Voyager, Farty, Kille_Kow, Lord_A, Kookster, Doodle, Me.
That's more than five, and I think all of them are regular ...or better.. tongue.gif

At least one map or modification published under the clan banner in the 30 days before the audit, OR at least one map or modification deemed by the auditor to be major and substantial published under the clan banner in the 90 days before the audit.

hmm..? what banner? anyways here is a list of mods released in the past 30 days (until today)
HunterCraft - Released on November 27th, By Lord_A
AetherFlame Lord - Released on December 17th, By Lord_A
Uh.. just two? how many do we need? oh..phew just one tongue.gif
Anywsy there's more if I raise the limit to 90 days. Thanks to Lord_A by the wayfor his fast, well-done productivity.

At least 3 posts in the Clan Forum in the 7 days before the audit.

Hmm, We have the Mod night thread every week, plus some random post once in a week, we would be missing one? do we really need to spam 3 posts in a week? else we can find solutions, I know there are clans that post small "Announcements"

Clear demonstration of a lack of misbehavior in the clan forum.

We don't we? tongue.gif

Clear demonstration of the relative unity of the clan.

United we stand yay tongue.gif

So Clearly we have all the requirements, so I don't think you have to worry voy tongue.gif
we just need to work faster and post more, but we are ok, for now.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by DT_Battlekruser on 2006-12-28 at 03:41:29
Just to answer your questions:

I do not really know what this means

-A member list that is accurate to within 14 days of the audit
If somebody quit the clan a month ago and the list still hasn't been updated, fail.
-members with SEN accounts, SEN username, link
Each clan member with a SEN account must be listed with a link the their profile or they don't count as a clan member for SEN's purposes.

hmm..? what banner?

Just "made by (MM)", or some acknowledgment that the it's the clan's mod.

I'm not out to draw blood here, so don't worry overly.
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