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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Entropy on 2007-01-01 at 17:08:39
Anything this public that links directly to OSMAP...

"Content is King, but linking is Queen."

Note to Editor & SEN Staff from me: The best tool for site growth is linking and participating actively with the competition. It causes synergism. Cooperation within an environment of competition is very healthy and generally results in growth and innovation. Try and keep the lads from wasting time in pointless strife so that the put their efforts in map making or other constructive activities.

Happy new year SEN!
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user posted image, click "Maps" for fast intro & no bla bla.

This is an introduction and review of a new map related StarCraft site.
The Lost Citites of Map Making

After over 8 years, people are still making new StarCraft related sites. One has to admit that as of late, more StarCraft sites die than are born but on this occasion a bright new star has appeared in the web sky. After checking it out I just had to interview one of its creators. His name is Tau. He would not say much about himself and though he appears to be a new figure in our community, I have an itchy sensation that I have met the lad somewhere before. Tau and two other well known StarCraft fans, MindArchon and Legacy Weapon are the creators of a new site designed for fostering map making and creating a new map database that is almost exclusively user administered.

You are greeted in their forums with this initial message:

"Welcome to Maplantis. This website is created by three individuals who believe greatly in the ideals of equal community and open map making. Maplantis is exists for the purpose of collaboration and perfection. No map is perfect - which is why we allow and encourage, individuals to share and edit existing maps and continue passing it on. Some people don't have the time, skill or motivation to complete a map from beginning to end, but here they are able to edit the map of their favorite maps and make the ideas and creations better than they were before."

This is an interesting development in the map making community. They fully support open source map making with the idea to foster knowledge sharing rather than map protection. It is their belief that map making, particularly in the USM setting, could have advanced much faster over the years had we all continued Blizzard's original open source map making. The creators of are also responsible for OSmap which is a tool that is able to un-protect any map. This has been one of the few third party programs ever allowed through direct link and mention in's StarCraft forum. It is obvious that Blizzard approve of their concept and idea.

They offer many specific section for each time of map making, including replay movies. They offer all the current tools you may need for map editing and they plan to man a map making wiki. They have a forum and apparently offer forum space to different map making communities. I myself already too full advantage of the offer and moved the forums of the Brood War AI projects there. They probably have some other goodies I have not discovered yet. Here is a list of them and here is a their mission and goals. Anyway, here is the interview of Tau were he speaks a little about this new site. His answer to my first question, made me realize immediately I was in the presence of a thinking and very sharp entity. That is the best justification, I have heard so far, in the open source map making debate.

Final note, if you have some maps worth showing off, try uploading them. In general uploading maps to several sites not only increases their chance of being tried but it helps each individual database and it extends the longevity of your map. It is really easy and everything is pretty much on autopilot, from image to map info/stats. Pretty neat. Open for anyone, no restrictions.

12-23-06 Interview of Tau, from by Entropy
Report, edit, etc...Posted by IsolatedPurity on 2007-01-02 at 18:38:02
Should we just delete this? I feel like it's a slap in the face.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by DT_Battlekruser on 2007-01-02 at 22:14:46
You have my vote. (U) topics are one thing, Portal News ones are quite another.
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