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Report, edit, etc...Posted by MillenniumArmy on 2007-01-06 at 17:39:11
SEN Statistics

What are these?
- Unlike the SEN weekly opinion polls, these are statistic polls in which you vote for what you are. No discussion is required as this is nothing but simply telling us what you are. This simply lets people see what kind of people are active in this forum.

When will they be changed?
- These polls will change after the current one dies out (and I will take note of that.)

This time's Poll
- Your overall political compass & religious affiliation?

Additional Info:
- Alright, time to see what your overall political compass is. And in addition state whether you are religious or not. This is pretty much two things in one poll.

For Political compass, just state overall what you think you would be more of.

Past Statistics:
- Religious Affiliation
- Political Compass
- Ethnicity Background
- Age
- Religious Affiliation, recount
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