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Report, edit, etc...Posted by iHaveNoRegrets on 2007-01-11 at 18:59:09
Here are some ideas/concepts that i never used, everyone free to strip w/ever you want, i could care less. some of the descriptions are from production threads i posted.

QUOTE(battery defense?)
n this game, each player is given a single Marine to defend the Energy Silo from an invading undead/alien race. This Energy Silo is the only thing keeping some of the humans on a terraforming planet. Most of the soldiers are currently battling above the surface, but some of the aliens are breaking inside.

The only assistance you have are from 16 turrets that are currently unpowered. Some brilliant guy didn't bring the cables. The only thing you can do is take batteries to these turrets to activate them. Of course, these batteries must all be re-charged before use. There are however, a few batteries currently operational. But these batteries were not ment to give so much power, so they will not last forever. They will stop after a set ammount of time and the depleted batteries must be re-attained, taken to the Battery Recharge station and charged. The station however can only charge two batteries at a time. This will also take the time out of charging the other batteries still charging from before the game started.

The turrets of course, have a limited range of fire. They cannot see very far and also have a sight angle of 150 degrees left and right. So they cannot shoot to their sides or behind them. There is also a healing station, but it is not instant. It will take some time for the devices to heal you, but you are free to leave before you are fully healed.

run around collecting batteries and using them strategically. Basically, that means you cant just go out and place them all at once because they would all fail at once. So there is strategy involved.

QUOTE(rose collection/horror survival thing)
As you probrably know, there is a movie called Stay Alive.
I am taking the game that they played, switching around alot
and adding more, then formatting it into an SC map.
In the game, you will pick from one of three weapons: SMG,
Crossbow, or Shotgun. Once you do that, the game gives you
a quick rundown to demonstrate how everything works:
You kill the enemies and they sometimes drop roses. These
roses come in three forms: Red, White, and Black. Red roses
will keep enemies at bay. White can revive one ally or serve as
a Checkpoint, so that if you die, you go back to it. Black roses
are a sort of grenade, they kill everything around them a few
seconds after dropping it, but take any spoils in the process.
You will then be dropped into the game. The entire beginning of
the game and most of it after takes place in a crypt/graveyard
type area. You must stay alive in that area for 1 minute at a
time and are given a destination. You must not only get to this
point in that time, but you must also Stay Alive. After the
minute is up, the Countess will come out to play with whoever
is not inside the checkpoint. This process will repeat until you
collect three nails, a hammer, and a lighter, then get to the tower.
After that, you win.
As for how many checkpoints I will make, I dont know. It will be
alot, I can tell you that. This game will at least take up 30 min
of your time on Fastest speed setting, so I will make sure this
map is bug free.

collect roses to help you survive that you gotta kill to get and run around full speed. get to the 'safe zone' or die.

QUOTE(marathon defense?)
In this game, you get a quick, 10 second or less crash course on how to play the defense, learn the defense and how to play it quickly. Once you complete the defense, you will then be teleported to a new defense and the process repeats. each defense 10-20 minutes each, with no errors. having around 50 defenses, maybe more, really depends on how much terrain and locations are used. at the end, stats are displayed by the use of center location, death counters & a scoreboard in top left, and minerals.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by -BW-Map_God on 2007-01-12 at 11:43:50
Interesting map concept ideas. Are you working on all of those maps or were they ideas you saw in others map?
Report, edit, etc...Posted by iHaveNoRegrets on 2007-01-12 at 12:59:41
They were ideas i made myself. I just never finished the maps; Im one of those people that have the so called "motivation problems".
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Falkoner on 2007-01-12 at 17:42:39
Pretty cool ideas. But definately would have to have some more added to them to make me want to play it more than once happy.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by DT_Battlekruser on 2007-01-15 at 12:25:51
Released map ideas are Ideas, not Concepts. Concepts is for new trigger systems and other innovations in UMS mapping.

Report, edit, etc...Posted by Falkoner on 2007-01-16 at 19:34:32
Lol, but no one posts when it's in the ideas forum bleh.gif
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