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Report, edit, etc...Posted by payne on 2007-01-14 at 13:48:50
Imagine :
A TRUE adaptation of the game Diablo 2 : Lord Of Destruction, from Blizzard!
Not just a lil' crappy hero that destroy some buildings and units each I-dunno-how-much-time!
For example : Act 5 -> When you've got to rescue the girl that is freezed in ice, we can simply cast the spell of the Arbiter (I don'T remember his name) and froze a girl in it!
And now, for that project, I'll participate and help!

Anyone wanna helps me?
If no one... I'll do it alone cry.gif

P.S. This is gonna be a PRETTY good map! You'll need PRO skills in map making...
P.S.2 I am poor in tricky terrain... I would like to have some that are GOD at this!

Specifications :
- Need 2 terrain modders
- Need indeterminated triggers maker
- Need 3 pros of that game (D2:LOD)
- Need 1 guy that have full of ideas!
- I would like to have PROs ONLY... so, excuse if I do that, but if you wanna be part of the makers of that map, you'll get to send me a map that you've created and in wich you have credits with your name at the end (and not as testers please!)!
- I will also need beta-testers... I'll communicate with them when it will be the time to do the first testing!

*To be a beta-tester of that map, send me a PM please! (for no flood in this)
Report, edit, etc...Posted by CheatEnabled on 2007-01-14 at 13:52:34
Check out the page in my sig, and see if you can join that team. We got moogle and zeatul_101, man!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by MicAarZur on 2007-01-14 at 14:03:57
I know nothing about diablo, but I can do pretty much whatever you tell me to do with triggers.

Count me in.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by payne on 2007-01-14 at 14:59:39
Thanks for you both!
But I forgot to tell something : You need MSN... else, it's gonna be too long to communicate (by simple messages)...
And some precisions :
- Do you speak french?
- My e-mail : (<- Send me a message to make your participation official)
- Your skills are ? (ex : terrain, triggers, ideas, D2:LOD, speak french + can traduct in english, etc...)

Ok, I've created an other topic where I'm gonna put resume of the quests, what's done, these kind of thing, you know tongue.gif
Here it is : -> -=CLICK HERE=- <-
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