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Report, edit, etc...Posted by SI on 2007-01-14 at 19:49:40
just was looking at the opcodes included with new ice CC.
quick overview of my thoughts:
highsprol <- I think that is wrong, its 1 animation level under some var tho which is part of the sprite....
lowsprul however seems to be correct
sprol <- has some sort of huge complicated check in it tho, I think that modifies the animation level to either be whatever highsprol uses + 2 or is 1 above the current level....
0x2b: Seems to just be play frame %c modified by angle of parent
0x2c: Gets the number of frames in the primary sprite .grp, multiplies that by %c, then adjusts the angle based on parent angle (at least thats what scmdraft does)

oh, and mods leave this thread here, its for me to know what to work on ... tongue.gif

todo: scmdraft clones angles when creating overlays / underlays... check if SC also does this....

Update: WarpOverlay is probably something more along the lines of SetIndexOfCurrentPalette();

E: Opcode 60: If difference between unit angle and param 1 is less than param 2 goto offset param 3

E: Opcode 59: If the difference between angle to current target and param 1 is less than param 2 goto offset param 3. Or maybe its difference between current bullet sprite? this needs testing...
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