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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Wilhelm on 2007-01-15 at 01:54:30
Warning: 5MB download

Here's a rundown of what's in here (if you don't like what you read, don't waste you time downloading it):

Two of these are simply me playing guitar (The Battle Hymn of the Republic on an Acoustic/Electric guitar). I had the chords at the end wrong for awhile, and only recently I looked at the tab again and realized my mistake. I also kinda messed up on the electric version, but I don't feel like recording the whole thing over again (I recorded both of them twice anyways, the damn computer messed up saving the first time). I like the acoustic version better anyways.

Another is a keyboard synthesized track that is essentially a slightly-over-a-minute long ripoff of Aeris' music in FF7 ("Where Doth the Heart Lie", intentionally pretentious). The rest is experimental, and not really... music.

The first of these experimental tracks (IE, the earliest made), is titled, quite obviously "Experiment" It's a sample of a song (a quite famous one, too), that I lowered the pitch, looped a section of, and then...well, listen to the whole thing, it's an experiment in speed degradation.

"We're Sorry" is, well, something you have to listen to for a bit before there's any editing involved. It uses multi-layering (I ended up with five different audio tracks!), pitch alteration, and some manipulation based on left and right audio channels.

"Woo" is a recording of a simple vocalization (doo doo doo, doo doo doo), reversed, echoed, and again, multi-layered with pitch alteration. It's stranger than "We Sorry", but alot less coherent.

Well, that's all that I've uploaded here. I've got other stuff that either just hasn't been uploaded, or isn't really "finished" in my mind. Mind you that some the recordings are very quiet, while others are relatively loud, so be mindful of your speaker volume! Tell me what you think!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Rantent on 2007-01-16 at 22:59:08
It says it's unavailable to dl.
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