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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mossinat3r on 2007-01-16 at 18:23:48
Hey I heard that you can DL a Plugin for ScmDraft that lets you choose whether or not you protect your map when you save it is this true??? If so please give me a link smile.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Xx.Doom.xX on 2007-01-16 at 19:24:50
Umm...No...I don't think there's a plugin for that.
To protect your map just use Proedit.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Oo.Insane.oO on 2007-01-16 at 19:34:00
There could possibally be a plugin for that for scmd but I doubt it concidering it seems like the only one whos ever made a plugin for scmd is SI and Darkwizzard tongue.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Moogle on 2007-01-16 at 19:35:25
> Moved to Scmdraft
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Cole on 2007-01-17 at 21:55:06
I haven't worked with his plugin specs in a while as I've basically on a programming vacation but I don't believe you SI opened up the entire CHK so I don't think you could write a plugin that could protect a map that well. You couldn't do things like multiple\fake section and the such, without seeing some major hurdles.

Because SI uses a struct that has a pointer to a buffer and one that tells the size of the section. You are still limited in what sections you can work with. Also if you edit anything that would modify the buffer it would get rewritten and your changes would be lost, therefor i'd recommend the plugin being activated right before you save.
You also wont be able to hit every single section of the CHK either. You wouldn't be able to pull off fake sections either.

Basically I don't see a plugin for good protection being possible. Although something that does some minor protection may be possible.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by SI on 2007-01-18 at 06:41:34
You are thinking of the trigger plugin specs. The protection plugin was planned to be called after calling save, between the time I saved the data as chunks and wrote them into the chk, that the plugin could modify the linked list of chunks, add, and delete at will. However I asked everyone I knew who made protection programs if they were interested and noone wanted to make it.
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