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Report, edit, etc...Posted by JordanN_3335 on 2007-01-20 at 07:41:07
I'm going to have to edit this later to get it correct but you all know how Canada and America are close to each other so thats why they are known to be the best trading partners in the world since they share 86% imports and exports together but now it seems that America has chosen to break the 3pact contract in which stated says "no tariffs can be used from boarder to boarder"(tariffs means taxes) so America now decided to start taxing Canada on the exports even though thats against the contract. But since America is one of the most powerful nations in the world because of there control they think they can get away with it. Canada had then chose to bring this to WTO court. (Worlds trade organization) And with that luck they had won but America still refuses to pay the debt and take down there taxes. So some executives thought that Canada shouldn't be America's trading partner now because if they still stick to them they will keep charging taxes while we don't. But other executives said if we find another country to become our trading partner others will seize this opportunity and block us from entering were we will gradually overtime lose power. So what do you think the solution should be? If Canada doesn't have a trade link to America we would lose alot of raw goods and inventory, yet if do stick with them they would still keep charging taxes and break other rules included in the contract as well. And pretty much there isnt any other country with devastating power or decent resources.

Yup I'm going to have to edit this later after I go into my backpack and find the market share book.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Rantent on 2007-01-20 at 21:20:47
I take it your talking about the 27% tariffs America placed on Canadian softwood lumber, for which a settlement was reached in July 2006? If that is the correct incidence, then you must realize that the settlement was not ratified by either nation, that the cause of the tariffs were retaliation for perceived dumping from Canada's lumber companies, and that the agreement, and I quote from the United States Trade Representative press release:
QUOTE( @ _Canada_Reach_Final_Agreement_on_Lumber_Dispute.html)
will undergo a legal review with signatures expected in August. No U.S. legislation is required, but the Canadian Parliament must approve the export charge system after it returns in September. Entry into force is expected in the fall.
If no U.S. Legislation is needed to implement the export charge system, why is it that we are the ones who are holding up the implementation?

some executives thought that Canada shouldn't be America's trading partner
Which executives?

I highly doubt any county would go so far as to attempt to break NAFTA, is possibly the most beneficial thing that has happened to all the countries economies in the past several decades.
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