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Report, edit, etc...Posted by iHaveNoRegrets on 2007-01-22 at 19:34:16
I know you all have heard about ideas and projects to bring it to SC, but I actually thought deep into it. I have thought of a working revive system to bring some realism to the game. I have even brought the distributable medpacks into the game. And yes, there will be alot of computer units to fill the lacking of real people.

The game would be based on Conquest (tickets). You start off with 350 and you lose one from every vehicle death, when a player's revive time expires, and they slowly expire depending on the areas you own. Area capturing is ported exactly the same, no alterations. For each unit that is in the zone, the capture rate speeds up. Spawning can be chosen, same as before.

For the command system, I am going to use the Stim Pack spell system someone posted. The system seems easy to use and fast, so I decided to use it. The commands, I will include "Spot" so you can call out units you see and they will be viewable for everyone on your team. "Air Strike" to help in major raids, which will of course take time and the bombing will be random, there will be a cooldown time as well and even a detection system to make sure noobs arent wasting it. "EMP Strike" to help out with vehicles. This strike will be very precise and be attracted the large energy sources in the called location. "Revive/Med Pack" will revive a fallen player or drop a med pack, first before last. "Interact" ..To interact with objects.

Vehicles will be easily aquired and even comps can get in and take off.

The squad system will also be ported. The computer will pick a key location and tell you it needs it. If you capture it before it selects a new location or new objective, you get upgrade points. This will NEVER be alot. I mean, like if you do this three times, you can get a slight armor upgrade or attack upgrade to get a bit better.

And yes, each kit will be selectable. I will make sure I keep each option in the game as much as I possibly can.

If this seems like a good idea, post.
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