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Report, edit, etc...Posted by payne on 2007-01-24 at 17:38:58
Okay, first of all, let's start with the 'Project Gravyard' part :

Race game :
+ You race with a Vulture
+ You have a bunch of obstacles to pass trough by also being faster then the other
+ There is also one special quest
+ There is a pretty cool classification system at the end
Well... that map is a mystery! There is 3 pros of map making that searched on it the bug but they just didn't found it...
Try to find out waht's wrong with this!
*Classification system's triggers ain't did (but terrain, locations, etc..., yes!)... try to do it!
[Made with : StarForge]
[attachmentid=22721] -> Vult race in winter

Race game :
+ Walls are TRUE crystals units
+ Empty place where you can walk are PURE SPRITES of crystals units
In that map, it's all done (terrain, locations, units, names, etc...)... except there is a litle bug with the hangar count of the crystals units disgust.gif.
Just a litle precision : the Infested Terran at start - and the beacon - was there to determinate randomly where players start... but at this time, I didn't know much about randomizing a switch! So now, it's kinda useless...
[Made with : SCMDraft]
[attachmentid=22722] -> Labyrinth!

Strategy game :
+ Conquere ALL the lines
+ To conquere a line, there must be no units from the opposit team and you must bring at least one of your
+ Spawn of new units each turn (non-determinated time)
+ Middle line give you a Tank!
Terrain is made, locations are done... you just need to set some triggers... shouldn't be long! 10 minutes MAX!
[Made with : SCMDraft]
[attachmentid=22723] -> Line Conquerors

Adaptation :
An other adaptation project from me!
It's all the type of games that are in Unreal Tournament (DeathMatch, Capture The Flag, Domination, etc...) + Line Conquerors ADDED!
Triggers are done at 45%, some doesn't work!
[Made with : StarForge]
[attachmentid=22724] -> Unreal Tournament

Bound :
+ Contain a bunch a new ideas!
+ Contain new-style of bounds
+ Contain some of these ideas (click on 'these')
+ 25% triggers done
+ 90% bounds idea done
Well... this is gonna revolutionate the bouds on B.Net!
[Made with : SCMDraft]
[attachmentid=22725] -> Payne bound

Now that part done, let's start the 'Ideas of Team Project' one :

Strategy game : Command Impossible
Well... it's like an Impossible Map, but you play like if you were a commander and you need to use tactiks to infiltrate the ennemy with the less lost of men as possible (warfare!)!
For exemple, you could need to get out of a trench and siege a village, you could need to do a strategic nuke mission, etc...

Strategy game : Spy Infiltration
At start, you choose a type of team (Strong, Fast, etc...). Then It gives you the units related to that team and you've got to infiltrate the base thet 2 other players would have done...
While the 2 builders are planning their level and doing it, the 4 other players ( 2 team of 2 players) can try to infiltrate a level that is even done.
There is gadgets (like thermal vision, etc...).

Adaptation : Mario Bross
We would make a nice adaptation of that SUPER game.
Hmm... we could do, for example, the thing that makes that Mario cannot go back (ony from Left to Right!). We could also create a nice remote control!
I can't develop more for now... but I think this need some attention.

Society game : WereWolf
Well, the Werewolf game is kind of a RP game...
You need 1 Master and all the rest are players.
At start, each player (except the Master) receive a card randomly. These cards represent the personage they gonna play during the game.
Here is a litle list of the card you can get :
WereWolf -> Each turn, you decide of a person who will die
Hunter -> When you die, you can bring someone in the death with you
The Litle Girl -> When it's the WereWolf's turn, she can open her eyes and see who they are... but she got to do it carefully, because if the WereWolf see her, they gonna kill her. Like that, she won't be able to tells who are the WereWolves
Paysant -> He is doing nothing else then living
Stealer -> At start, he can become a paysant or a werewolf... it's determinated randomly...
There is full of other personnages but I won't get the time to write them all.
Okay.  Well, the Master is the on that tells the things like "The night is there, everybody close their eyes" or "It's the werewolves' turn, they open their eyes and select a player who will die" and these type of things... if ever you think he is useless... we can set a CPU as it. Like that, there is one more player that is playing.
That game, I would have played it alot if it would existed, but it doesn't... so please, someone, MAKE IT!

There... I finished!

So... anyone is interested by (or want to finish) one of these maps?

Tell me the one you likes the most and we'll do it together blushing.gif

For my part, WereWolf and UnrealTournament are the bests to do... for now... I won't let my super-dooper bound!
So... wich one do you prefear? WereWolf or Unreal Tournament?
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