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Report, edit, etc...Posted by payne on 2007-01-27 at 21:31:33
Here we are with this beautiful map...


What's TOTALLY done :
- Terrain
- Locations

What I was doing when I stopped :
- Last levels
- The 66% of the triggers that are left

Questions :
- What's the Infested Command Center at start?
He is there to make workd the triggers of the level 1...
*It's not me that triggered the level 1 tongue.gif
- What are mines everywhere?
If you tuch them, you die! They are used in one level... all the other place where they are, it's just for if ever you have suicidal though...
- Why does the level 3 has different terrain?
They were their to determinate the explosions of the part 2 of the level 3... since it doesn't work!
- Level 4 has CRAPPY terrain... why?
It's for test... I want to do it fast... with that terrain, I can run it in one click tongue.gif

Explication :

Level 1 :
You have burrow... use it wisely!
Medics are patroling in the middle of that level, you need to burrow and let them pass on you. Then, you unburrow and continue!
*Burrow doesn't save ya from the explosion!

Level 2 :
Well... nothing to say... there is marines and medics that explode all around you and you've got to get to the end in one piece!

Level 3 :
That one, I tryed to do 2 part. So far, the second one just doesn't work and I didn't found how to make it works... if you could do it, would be nice!

Level 4 :
A good training for your cmoprehension to "get a bound"!
*Terrain is buggy to help me to test!

Level 5 :
Pretty cool bound! That one is long and hard... need synchronism and speed!
What makes it so hard is the turns and the fact that it's so long that you need to move your screen.

Level 6 :
As you can see, there is these famous mines... don't tuch 'em!
For the rest... you can see there is 2 way at the end... choose the one you prefear!
*There is also the SECRET level...

SECRET level :
It show you only one time each 10, the explosions... the others and invisible!

Level 7 :
That one is simple... run to the white squared to be saved of the explosions.
ATTENTION, the last last one has a Dark Templar in it... you can't go in! tongue.gif
*When a player finish it... it doesn't desactivate it!

Level 8 (Level 'CRAZY') :
Here is the innovation of that map! You have a remote control with wich one you control the zergling of the computer and you need to get the zergling pass trough it!
*There is an 'imaginary wait line' to determinate if it's your turn or not to try it!

Level 9 :
Zealots are all invincible, but they become killable after a certain time... and only some... When you kill one, you need to go where was the zealot that died and then, you have the time of 3 actions (what I'm calling 'actions' here is when certain zealots become killable) to kill an other and got under it, else, you die!
*The Zealot reappear after you when you've killed them!

Level 10 :
Simple level that you control, this time, YOUR zergling, with a "remote control" at the center of this level...
*When you finished it, you have to do the 'extended level'!

Extended level :
Now that you "finished" the level 10, you need to do a choice : Left OR Right? Choose the good one and you'll destroy the wall the blocks the entry for the rest of the bound... If you choose the wrong one, you've got to restart the level 10 and also the good choice is randomized!
Well, after the part of the choice... it become kinda easy : you just need to pass trough some Terran Civilians that patrol OR appear and disapear at the "end" of their own trajectory.

Level 11 (Final level) :
It's a level that is seperted in 4 parts... it's really hard... but simple!
First part -> Only the center and a lil' square at the top left attract you... and not enough to deviate you enough from your trajectory to make you die. When you finish it, there is a SECOND permanent attracting location that is activated (top right one)
Part 2 -> It becomes a lil' harder : 2 places at the top attracts you and 2 center locations too! When you finish it, an OTHER permanent location is activated : bottom right
Part 3 -> Here we are talking about challenge! There is again 2 locations in the center, but they are more near to the end and the start then the previous level... PLUS, you have perm. attract locat. at : top (left and right) and at the bottom right! When you finish it, 4th perm. locat. is activated!
Part 4 -> Now, it's kinda impossible! All the perm. locat. are activated (situated in the near corners of the level) and there is also 2 locations that attracts you... but SO near to the end and the start the you just gonna cry and call your mom become it is becoming too hard! ALSO! At part 4, you have 15 lives to do it! If you die, you restart everything from the Level 8 (the one that you control a CPU's 'ling)!

So... someone is gonna finish it?

Here is what still need to be did :
- Triggers for the levels 6, secret, 7, etc...
- Fix the Center Location on the mines... it doesn't work!
- Try to reorganise the Level 1's triggers system!
- Check out all triggers

Comment :
There is some locations that are wrong writed (like the 'L9' ain't the Level 9!)!

[attachmentid=22726]->DOWNLOAD MEH!<-

So... anyone to finish it?

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Report, edit, etc...Posted by alz45 on 2007-01-28 at 14:48:23
Ill try and finish it.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by payne on 2007-01-28 at 16:34:03
It's cool... can we work together?
Cause I had planned to restart working on it today! Nice coicidence!

I founded some errors in my map!
Exemples :
A trigger that was supposed to do something impossible pinch.gif
1 location that has the same name as an other one
So here is the map fixed:
» Good day! «
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mp)Blu on 2007-01-30 at 11:19:51
I'll with any problems that you have if you need it smile.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by payne on 2007-01-30 at 12:36:59
Ok... I'll post my new version with bugs fixed and Level 6 started and done at 68% tonight!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Mp)Blu on 2007-01-31 at 11:20:56
I'll be on west if you need my help wink.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Zell.Dincht on 2007-02-02 at 18:27:19
Tell a Mod to close down this topic cause your already working on it. And also post any fixed versions to the first post cause thats kinda pointless.
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