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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Pie.CoM on 2007-01-26 at 07:35:34
I have this idea for an rpg that you could use, and if you've ever played a warioware game, it'll probably make more sense. Ok.. what you do is, have a computer-played rpg with an arena near the bottom of the map. You play through 'mini-game maps', such as a bound obstacle, quick defense level, etc.. Anyways, if you complete the obstacle, it will show a short cut-scene of the computer a short section of the rpg. If a computer came to something such as a fork in the path, you would do a 'mini game' to decide where to go(ex: 1 path has treasure, the other has a bunch of rabid monkeys, or something like that. Ideas for the 'mini maps' would be things such as bound obstacles, short defense levels, impossible scenarios, tricks, etc.. Anyways, you'd make a randomization system to pick the levels. I dunno.. sounds kinda neat to me.
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