Staredit Network

Staredit Network -> Project Graveyard -> Battle!
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Filleinconnue on 2007-01-28 at 13:47:37
This is one of the maps, that i'm not going to finish
due to boredom of the map Issues

The Map is designed to be simply random and fun
> Players Capture Beacons for Cash
> Players Kill eachothers Command Centers for Win
> Officer [Spawn] Upgrades after Kills and Becomes - Goon - Mutalisk - Arbiter
> Spades are brought to Beacons to spawn a Supply Depot and Templar that is Motionless

Little Trigger work is done, and a crappy introduction on what to do
This map is open for anyone to fudge with, not really meant to be finished
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