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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Wilhelm on 2007-01-28 at 22:45:08
Uh, this started out as a percussiony thing on guitar, then I recorded a melody over it, and later added in some stuff on the low strings and left it quiet so it could subtly back up the main instruments. I hope the link works this time. bleh.gif
Report, edit, etc...Posted by HolySin on 2007-01-29 at 17:10:30
This belongs in the "Your Music" topic.

Reguarding the song itself, I see what you meant when you said a bit repetitive. Personally, I believe that more can be added to avoid a "repetitive" sound, but it's your song and you can do whatever you want (hell, I have my share of repetitive music). What I recommend most though working with a metronome to help work out tempo issues and simply more practice on the guitar. The song sounds nice, it has a somewhat nostalgic country feel to it.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Killer_Kow(MM) on 2007-01-29 at 19:09:26
File is unavailable?
Report, edit, etc...Posted by HolySin on 2007-01-29 at 21:06:41
No, what you do is look to the right of the "MEGAUPLOAD" and you'll see it say:
Please enter [Three Capitalized Bold Letters] here:
And simply follow those directions and it will link you to the file.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Wilhelm on 2007-01-30 at 02:12:32
It helps if you try and download it at about 2 AM in the morning, MEGAUpload isn't consistently. Plus, I thought the Your Music topic died some time ago...

I changed tempo a bit during one part of the song, but otherwise I don't see much tempo problems, it's just there's too many parts of it where I don't think it harmonizes well, because during alot of it, I'm searching for a tune. This was all improvised, mind you, I don't write down music.

I also don't like using any kind of Western music aid or music theory, as then all music I then make is going to be either imitative of foreign music, or simply European music. I intend to actually learn the music theory of other cultures before I become restricted by Western conventions.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by HolySin on 2007-01-30 at 09:38:43
New approaches are always fine.

The "Your Music" is a pinned topic now.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Wilhelm on 2007-01-30 at 12:55:40
I saw. No one has posted in it since November.
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