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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Resguy on 2007-01-30 at 13:44:52
Bioject gave me permission to host a walkthrough of his game Resident Evil: Village Defence (Last Version).

Note that this walktrough is only for the Main Game fro selection.

It doesn't matter who you choose. If you're 1 player or 2. You need the Marines. Ok so if you're playing 2 players and up, 1 of the players waits so that the other players gets the Blue Coins (Mineral Chunk). After getting all the Blue Coins (Mineral Chunk), always choose, I mean ALWAYS choose Policia Type#2 (Alexei Stukov). Get all your units in one place. Only one, don't put all your units in different Cabins. Make sure that the Cabin you choose has a Auto Cannon or that you have Mike and build Spot Lights (Turret). When every one is ready, the last player chooses his Character. He must rejoin his allies. When you're in a Cabin always put your Policia Type#2 (Alexei Stukov) infront of the entrance so that the Los Ganados [Chainsaw] (Infested Kerrigan) doesn't kill you in one hit. He will have to kill the Policia Type#2 (Alexei Stukov) before. When you need to upgrade, only go when almost all the enemies are dead and take some Policia Type#2 (Alexei Stukov) with you. I suggest getting 10/10 upgrades then after 15/15 after 20/20 and 20/30. If you have extra money put it on your attack. If you do this correctly. You wont die easily.

They're 6 secrets in the game.
#1: D.I.J (Devouring One)
When you choose your Character, there's one just here. Go between Luis Sera (Gui Montag) and Hunk (Jim Raynor). Go abit further down and you will have the Secret.

#2: Blue Coins (Mineral Chunk)
This is the first secret that you'll notice. There's 15 Blue Coins in the map. To do this secrets, you just have to kill the 15 Blue Coins. Only Mike and Agent: Hunigan can't get all the Blue Coins.

#3: Tofu (Dragoon)
This secret is also easy to get. Get any Hero and go behind the last tree up right of the map. After the Bridge. When you get there, if you get there fast you, will have 2 Pesetas and Tofu (Dragoon), if you go slowly, you will get 1 Pesetas and Tofu (Dragoon) and if you're really slow, you will only get the Tofu (Dragoon). After getting Tofu (Dragoon), don't waste time there if the attack already started because if you do, 4 Los Ganados [Chainsaw] (Infested Kerrigan) will be created and they cant get damage (Heal trigger).

#4: Money (3 Units needed)
This is a secret of knowledge. When you start the game, 3 Minimap ping will appear at a location. Those location marks the 3 trees. When you have 3 units. Go behind those 3 trees and it will say +400 Pesetas (Wich is actually 3500 minerals)

#5: Infinite Mine Thrower (Jim Raynor)
I think this is pretty much a glintch but it's worth telling. When you have 2 Jewels (Dark Templar), make 1 of them go on the Beacon of the Mine Thrower (Jim Raynor) and the other 1 just under it. If the position of your Jewels (Dark Templar) are correct, you will get 1 Mine Thrower (Jim Raynor) each second.

#6: Trent (Dark Templar) and Furry Punch(Lurker) (Albert Wesker needed)
Choose Albert Wesker and wait until your energy is atleast at 150. Move him at the bottom right in the trees. Do you see the Snake tile in the water alone? Well move him there and make sure to clock him. When you get moved to another location, there will be about 10 Los Ganados [Chainsaw] (Infested Kerrigan) wich cant be killed (Heal Trigger). Run to the Telephone Booth (Academy) and read what it says. After this, you will have Trent (Dark Templar) with Furry Punch (Lurkers). Doing so you wont have anymore Albert Wesker (Infested Duran) and the enemies can see you but almost 2/3 of the Los Ganados wont pay attention.

Leon Kennedy
100 life
0 defence + 3 upgrades
20 attack damage + 3 upgrades
Best use for his long range and nuke ability.

Ada Wong
100 life
0 defence + 3 upgrades
22 attack damage + 3 upgrades
Best use for her attack damage.

100 life
1 defence + 3 upgrades
10 attack damage + 3 upgrades
Best use for his range and Stim ability.

Jack Krauser
100 life
0 defence + 3 upgrades
18 attack + 3 upgrades
Best use for his fast attack shot and attack power

Agent: Hunigan
100 life
1 denfece + 3 upgrades
Best use to heal your allies.

100 life
1 defence + 3 upgrades
30 attack + 6 upgrades
Best use for his attack power.

More to come.

Enemies: Soon to come.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by (SEN)Dante50 on 2007-01-30 at 15:53:59
I don't think that this belongs here in Misc...
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Resguy on 2007-01-30 at 15:57:38
I already asked DTBK where it belong and he said for now there is no place for it so put it there and if this works, we might put a place for it.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Xx.Doom.xX on 2007-01-30 at 16:33:54
I'd say Mapmaking Assistance (Your showing them how to get secrets) or Recommend and Review might be an option. But your not really reviewing the map so...Recommend and Review.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Resguy on 2007-02-08 at 17:08:38
Updated the FAQ.
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