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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Heavyclone on 2007-02-07 at 13:53:40
Alright, here I go, this mod is incomplete and I need peoples sugestions on it.

Screenshots might come soon, until then it's just a demo file.

PLEASE NOTE, my mod is not finished and is only has Protoss modifications untill I do an total WTFStarcraft mod (which will come eventualy) Also, this aint a crappy mod that only changs ".dat" files, it changes ".grp" ".dat" and ".bin" files. Just for those of you who don't know them.
.grp: Unit images
.dat: Attack powers and property, stuff like that
.bin: Actual script which makes units attack and move ect.

Oh, and this project so far has taken more than a year... it was an on off thing, and partly still is.

The reasons why I need people sugestions is to fix bad looking things and errors

Changes so far:

While hovering over the following:
  • None(idle): Changeing color shine goes up cursor
  • Ally (or own units): While spinning two colors fly up the cursor
  • Neutral: The spinning cursor will pass by 2 colors (not they pass by it)
  • Enemy: Lots of random flashes
Not too proud of the enemy one, looks kinda... camp O.O

  • Hovers up and Down
  • Turns before casting spell
Not my best modded unit... by far

  • Attack does multiple damage and stays for abit damageing the enemy
  • Mroe than 1 unit color balls going round him
  • Turns 90 degrees clockwise then 180 anti clock wise then another 90 clockwise to look forward
  • Hovers up and down
Most modification lies in the inticeptor

  • Faster attack
Not my best, but I can't think of anything for him with my current skill, and without haveing every unit same modification

Dark Templer
  • Normal Attack: Slashes Down then up
  • Special 1: Does mutiple up and down slahes (About 8, all doing damage)
  • Special 2: Starts to spin while doing damage. (When gets to about 5th rotation starts to make explosions)
Most certainly the coolest modification i've done so far, by a long shot

  • Fires a RED energy ball (which does damage on aproach and impact) then hops up and down in excitement and launches a missle
  • Hatch Opens and close while standing still
Second ever modded unit. His attack ".grp" file modded way after along with his attack "iscript" file. The missle he shoots is way too powerful, I know, i'll be changeing that soon.

  • Normal Attack: Normal
  • Special 1: Launches multiple missles
  • Special 2: Power of 2 nukes in 1 attack (Yes, kills everything (includeing your own) and I don't want complaints on it killing your units)
Yes, a strong little bugger, but no complaints on the nuke thing, it has to go through a 5 in 255 possibility just to get to another 2 in 255 possibility to do it. Oh, this would be your air TRUMP card.

  • CAN attack (Yes, you can use most up to date ver of SC)
  • Special 1: hellfire of missles
  • Special 2: Mega Hell fire of missles
CAN'T ATTACK GROUND!!! This is sorta your trump card back up.

Photon Cannon
  • Stronger
Not much diffrence, but, owell. Needed against unit upgrades.

  • While idle, spins, turns invisible, then uninvisible (repeats)
  • Uses Phase disrupto
  • Attacks air with phase disruptor then missle
First ever modded unit, no complaints, I know its abit crappy.

  • Explodes multiple of times when dieing
Please, don't ask, no realy.... dont....

  • Ultra Attack
This is THE ground anialator, realy slow but destroys entire armys with 3 of them, with abit of front defence (Warning, damages own units...sorry...).

  • Plauges when useing missles (watch out for your other units)
  • Ground attack: Fires machine guns the 1 set of missiles
  • Air: Normal
  • Hovers up and down
  • Turns while idle
  • Practises Swords while idle
  • Attacks 3 times in a row instead of 2
  • Uses Halo rockets on first swing
Third ever modded unit, came back to this because of his power he had.
Used to be:
6 swings, all with Halo rockets
100 dmg, 10x2 an upgrade
3 swings, first with Halo rockets
20dmg (either that or 40), 5x2 an upgrade

Prices have been put up, Zealots use to use 5 vespene gas until recently when computers never built units when Protoss. Prices are still higher. eg. DT cost 3000vespene and 2000minerals (Not most expencive) Don't worry, only 3 units have masively rediulous prices.

Build times have been decresed to 40 for buildings and 0 for units (3 ultimate units take more than 2000) this is very helpful saying units are more expencive and take longer to get.

Also, the downside to mega units:

Attack the Carrier with air killers and your pretty much homefree. Skip the interceptors although there very dangerous.

Dark Templer:
Ground attacking only... does air ring any bells?

Robotic... against Terran, be careful, lockdown will soon stop it.
As I said, this is incomplete and when going against computers when they are protoss it crashes for some reason, I don't know why and if some people would like to take a dive it'd be apreciated.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by CommmanderMoo19 on 2007-02-08 at 10:39:08
well,You could take off the super quick building units and buildings.I used to do that,but most people around dont seem to like it lol.It was to easy to win.Maybe some grp changes for some of the protoss buildings would do good too.Thats all that i saw that was "messed up".
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Heavyclone on 2007-02-08 at 13:05:37
ok, i'll decrease da superbuild time, and the reason why it was too easy to win cos if you wernt against protoss then enemys are still normal for now.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by CommmanderMoo19 on 2007-02-08 at 21:02:52
no i had toss zerg and terran all 8 slots full^^.Im not that stupid to test it on another race when i know that i have the advantage.You silly goose egg lol.
Report, edit, etc...Posted by Heavyclone on 2007-02-09 at 10:59:45
lol, I was actualy hopeing ud say that so I can say that's just skill wink.gif
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