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Report, edit, etc...Posted by y10k on 2007-02-09 at 12:35:23
This is my 1st map and time i post here.

This map is something like Tuxlar's Rush, but it is rather looks like RPG-s usually found, if you play on bnet public/ums. I didnt make so complex and interesting levels and bosses, like him, but it has many enemies and action.

Demo map, screenshots are in attachment. (1.6MB)

Map details :

Green color means, it is available in this map.
orange already done, but not involved here.
red -> being planned

Mapsize/tileset : 256x256 / Badlands
Players : Single Player

Levels : 1 level (4) available 4 levels are ready 7 levels are planned.

Story : Alien forces invade Earth, you must go and kill them all. Usually go&kill levels. On some level you have to complete a mission before you can go through. You have unlimited time, but limited ammo here. Game stores ammunition, when changing weapon.

Controls : it has unique game control system.
Moving : usual SC movement ( rightbutton )
Aiming : moving cursor around.
Shooting : Casting dark swarm ( w + left cl.)
Weapon changing : Warping units in Gateway
Reloading : Building Wraith in Starport.

Weapons : 4 weapons :
Pulse Rifle
Rocket Launcher
(careful, you can blow yourself up)
Heavy Machine Gun

Items :
1st aid pack


Enemies :
2 kind of normal enemies
3 kind is ready
5 is planned
2 kind of special enemies
3 type of bosses

Sounds & Musics
unique sounds for most weapons, items
3 musics

Hints & Bugs :
-You can only shoot a 2nd rocket, if 1st one had blown up already, otherwise it just disappears.
-Sometimes for some strange reason, triggers stop working for 1-2 seconds.
-You are weak, so try not to hurt much.
-Reloading PulseGun will waste currently loaded ammunition.
-Save often.
-Shooting has a little delay, you must shoot in front of moving enemies.
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