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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Corbo(MM) on 2007-02-09 at 13:36:17
[center]Corbo's Special Modding Contest[/center]

Ok, so it starts today people.
Just in case you didn't see it you can still enter the contest but remember that the longer you take to join the less points You'll be able to acquire.

Current Contestant List:
user posted image
Current Challenge: Waiting.....
Worth: ?

QUOTE(Just in case you forgot to read it)

History: Seeing how I am wasting my minerals in Raffle, Magic Boxes and Random Money I decided to do something good with them.
So I'm making another contest! (Ugh). This will be with my very own personal style, And you'll win more than minerals and a bed tongue.gif

The contest is divided in two parts the practice and theory.

Theory? WHAT?!?!
The brand new theory part in the contest involves answering to several questions that will be posted when the contest begin.
Each question will have a different value (i.e. Question #1 = 3%; Question #2 = 12%)

And practice would be..?
Well the practice part it's the most common in every contest "Make a mod" "Make a map" "Make the best terrain piece" but this time this part will also be different!
You will not just make a mod, you will actually fight to get the best mod piece.
And I've been asked several times about the practice part.
It's not that I will tell you "Make Marine Shoot Missiles" I will end up judging the same stupid unit. Instead of that I'll say something like "Make a water unit" You can end up making a unit that shoots water, has watery spells looks like a drop or a unit like a ship and assume it has "water flags" and make its movement to water only.

Mod piece? what do you mean?
It means that you will be told something to mod. The best mod piece will win. Just like the theory part this pieces will have a worth.

So, I win then somebody else wins another part? then we all win?
No, Well yeah, but the one that will really win the big prize is the one that collects more points.

Yes, I will be controlling the points you earn. Minerals will be used as points. (i.e. Pedro won a theory question, he now has 300 points. Javier won another theory question that was worth 500 points and then Pedro won a practice mod that was worth 1000 points. So, Pedro won with 1300 points. But Javier still has his 500 points.)
Addition: Pedro won but I still have spare minerals, since Pedro won, those minerals will be his.

So, as you see this contest is different to others, you have about 10000% more chance that you do win something.
When is this taking place? for the moment I'll be gratefully accepting donations for I need a Pure ammount before starting as you know I never ask for entry fee in my contest (how cool am I? tongue.gif)
Minerals should not change when I am making the contest or the prices will be severally affected, so please donate before it starts.
You may also start subscribing.

kookster - Merry Mod Contest! - 2725
user posted image - Rawr. - 1000
dumbducky - 832
Pyro-Fire - Yay, i'm on the donators list! - 50
Pie_Sniper - For contest. - 151
Mini_Moose_2707 - Reported a spelling error in the report page. - 50 (Yeah I'm taking it as a donation too tongue.gif)

Current pot (Available Points):
7'385 Minerals.
7'385 Points Available.
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