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Report, edit, etc...Posted by Koltz on 2007-02-09 at 23:50:26
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I like to think im fairly experienced in TvP, this is one of my more recent games, must have SC Extension to view:

I want to know my mistakes that game, one i saw was the macro had late supply. I also didnt take enough advantage of his higher tech of reavers and didnt react properly. I also didnt have any armories (3-3 is good for late-game vs carriers, theyre a female dog on luna) and I got my academy late, therefore scan late.
Also, big one: I researched siege first instead of mines, even tho i was doing a bamboo push. This was a bad typo, pressed S instead of M.

That was the first part of my post, the real deal is this:

I'm learning the basics of PvT and i KNOW i got very lucky this game that the terran didnt push well. I want to know my mistakes, so far i got:

• Use zealbombs more often, shuttle was way underused.
• Cannon expos before probes get there!!
• Use observers EVERY attack, and upgrade speed/vision
• Contain/dont let them get on my ramp
• Make sure im mining gas from all places, my macro was suffering from the limited supply of gas :/
• Use hotkeys a lot more
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